When In London

Camila and Harry Style were best friends when they were little.Now there some of the worlds most popular teen stars.What happes when faith brings both of them back together...


1. Meet Camila Winters

Hello Loves,

My name is Camila Winters.

Im 18 years of age .

My favorite color is orange.

I can eat mostly anything.

My hobbies are Singing,dancing,and writing.

I was born on May 16th

Yes,I am famous and Harry styles used to be my best friend.

As we got older we just started hanging out with other people.

I have seen him in six years.

I know that he's famous because were signed to the same label.

Simon is like my second dad.I hear him talk about One Direction all the time.

He's thinking about putting them as my opening act for the tour.

He knows about Harry's and I past,but he thinks it will be great for us to see

each other again.I honestly don't want to.

Seeing harry is the last thing on my list...

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