Niall's Princess

My name is Madeleine, my life is fairly normal exept for the fact that i have 2/5 of one direction crushing on me! even though they are my brothers best friends!
I'm a normal 19 year old.


4. Joe

I was sat on my bed listening to music on the T.V when i heard someone knock on the door "can i come in?" I heard the voice say i didn't recognize the voice.

"Um sure." I said. They walked in and it was my old best/boyfriend Joe. "What are you doing here? How did you get in? What do you want?" I asked.

"Well i came to see you i haven't seen you in forever, Harry let me in i just told him i was a old friend from high school, and i want you!" He said with a evil look on his face.

"But i don't want you! I don't want to even see you after all you did!" I said getting a little angry, i was a bit annoyed with Harry for letting him in.

"Well that's not very nice what about all the good times we had together? Don't you remember?"

"Sadly yes i do remember but not that i want to!" I hissed.

"Well that's not very nice, you need to be punished for that!" He started walking over to me whilst taking off his clothes.

"HELP!" I shouted. As soon as i did the 5 boys came running up to my room, but stopped at the door and asked.

"What's wrong Madz?" I heard Liam asked.

"JOE!" I shouted he would know what i mean after i shouted Joe, Joe put his hand over my mouth, i couldn't breath! Soon Liam and 5 very strong boys were in my room Liam tackled Joe to the floor while Niall, Zayn, Louis were by my side helping me calm down. It didn't help. Liam had knocked Joe out he came and gave me a massive hug he knew what Joe had done to make me so scared of him i couldn't ever go through that again. 

"How did he get in here?" Liam asked concerned.

"Harry." I said crying into his chest i couldn't help it all the memories were going back to me.

"WHAT?!?" Liam asked angry. He turned to Harry. "Why?!?" He said coldly.

"He said he was a old school friend so i let him in i had no idea who or what he wanted."

Liam mumbled. "Yeah a old school friend who would rape her. He lifted his head from resting it on mine the boys jaws had dropped i guess they heard what he had said. "Well you should have checked you know your not suppose to let random people in our house."  Their jaws were still open but he nodded. "CLOSE YOUR F**KING MOUTHS!" Liam shouted. They all did. 

*BTW this is not the end i just wanted to update it*

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