Niall's Princess

My name is Madeleine, my life is fairly normal exept for the fact that i have 2/5 of one direction crushing on me! even though they are my brothers best friends!
I'm a normal 19 year old.


2. Awkwardness

We had just got to the beach house i ran up the oak wood stair case to the 3rd floor where the bedrooms were i ran in and out of all of them before i found THE one, it was MASSIVE it had a king size bed in the middle of the room and a MASSIVE wardrobe which happened to be walk-in. I chucked my bags into the wardrobe and ran back down stairs. "WOW!" i said with excitment.

"What?" Liam asked confussed.

"The room that i picked is massive!" i said gesturing my arms.

"I didn't know we could pick rooms, i thought that Liam was asinning them to us!" Zayn moaned.

"No course not, Liam?" i questioned.

"No course not why would i pick?" Liam asked confused.

"Because you always say you can't trust us." Niall said sadly.

"Aw, Niall of course he can trust you!" i slowly walked over to him gave him a hug and russled his hair.

"Ok lets go find one!" his face lit up and he shouted "TAG YOUR IT!" I ran up the stairs and was trying to find Niall but i couldn't find him. I checked everywhere on the 2nd floor so i decided to go and check the 3rd floor. I slowly walked up the stairs so he couldn't hear me and then i crept into my bedroom and slowly walked over to the wardrobe  i slowly turned the door handle and ever so gently pushed the door open. He wasn't in there but as i was about to turn around to start looking for him again he was right behind me "Boo!"

"Arggghhh!" i shreaked.

"Whoa!" he put his arms out just as i was about to fall over. "You alright?"

"Yh you scared me thats all i'm very jumpy."

"Oh ok." he helped me up and we walked down stairs and went to the livingroom and we watched a film he put on paranormal activity 4 and called the boys in and we watched it together. I sat next to Zayn and Liam because he said that he would get scared and if we both got scared then we could hold hands and cuddle up together. So Niall played the film and about 1/2 way through we got scared so i grabbed his hand and squeezed it i berried my head into his chest and shut my eyes and tryed not to listen to what was going on.


I was the first one up so i decided to make the boys breakfast so i went and woke Liam and Zayn up which was very hard he is a very deep sleeper to wake him up i had to kiss him. When he was awake and down stairs we made breakfast then i got Liam to wake the boys up. After breakfast Louis decided to play a game "TRUTH OR DARE!" He yelled.

"Seriously?" Liam asked.

"Yes!" He added sassily. So we sat around in a circle on the floor "Maddy your turn first Truth or Dare?" Louis asked.


"Okay, If you had to choose one person out of us to go out with who will you pick?"

"Um Liam can tell you, he knows"

"Do I?" he asked confused.

"Yes you do remember the first time i met the boys?"

"Oh yh i remember now!" he got up and walked over to Louis and whispered it into his ear.

"Really, Niall?"


"LOUIS SHUT UP!" Liam shouted.


"NO!" Liam shouted back. I ran up stairs to my room and ran to my bed and started crying my eyes out. Someone came to my door *knockknock*

"What!?" I snapped.

"Sorry do you want me to go?" The sweetest Irish accent asked.

"No i thought you were Louis, come in"

"Thank you, What was all that about?" He asked.

"It's just that i thought i could trust Louis not to tell anyone thats the only reason i got Liam to tell him that i liked you"

"So, you do like me?" He asked.

"Um Yh but I know you'll never feel the same way, can we forget you ever heard anything?" I asked.

"Um yh of course." he replied.

"Oh thank you quick question why didn't you say anything when Louis did?"

"Um because i might kind of like you too."

"Oh um."

"Do you want to back down stairs?"

"Yes that would be good."


We got off the bed and walked back down stairs and went to where the boys were sitting.

"What happened?" Liam asked walking up to me and giving me a hug.

"Nothing we just talked, I'm fine now thnx."

"I'm sorry i shouldn't of said anything i didn't mean too i promise!" Louis said he gave me a massive hug.

"It's o-ok p-ple-ease-e can y-you ge-et o-f-f-f i ca-an-n't br-e-eath-h!" i struggled to say.

"Oh sorry" He said.

"No it's fine really" i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and went to sit down.

Then Liam asked "What did Niall say?"

"He said that he likes me to!"

"Really?" he asked.

"Yes! has he ever mentioned me before?"


"What does he say?"

"Well he says some really nice stuff about you like how your eyes sparkl in the light, and how your hair falls in the right spaces on your back and more but it would be weird for me to say because i'm your brother."

"Aw does he really say that about me?"

"Yes all the time!"

"OMG he's so sweet!"


I need some people to go out with the boys just coment your name and who you want i will pick first come first served! I need a girlfriend for Harry and Liam!  Sorry if the person you want gets taken. Hope you all like it so far! Thank you for all the nice coments! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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