Niall's Princess

My name is Madeleine, my life is fairly normal exept for the fact that i have 2/5 of one direction crushing on me! even though they are my brothers best friends!
I'm a normal 19 year old.


1. Getting Ready

Hiya I'm Madeleine Payne I'm Liam Payne's younger sister but only by 18 months.



Shouted Liam from the bottom of the stairs.

"No"I moaned turned over and went back to sleep. Seconds later he burst into my room i turned to face him he was holding a cup of water with ice floating in it.

"You wouldn't?"I said nevously.

"Oh i would"He said evily.

"No your to sweet to me!"

"I will just you wait!"

He sat on the foot of my bed he kept teasing me suving it in my face. I quickly sat up. "Ok Ok" he stopped and got up "We've got 2 hours to get ready hurry up!"

"Leave now!" i yelled.

"But you need to get ready!"

"Okay i will when you leave!" he got up and left. I hopped into the shower i used my shinney shampoo and conditioner and my satsuma body wash when i had finnished i went over to my wardrobe and picked out what i was going to wear. I picked a pair of jeans and a floaty lilac vest with a darker purple silky cardi, i lightly curled my chocolate mid back lenght hair so it gently flows down my back, I put on a little makeup which was a small amount of mascara some conceler and a light red lipgloss. I picked some jewllery and small pair of heart shapped earrings and i picked a heart pendant i also picked a pair of beigh pumps. I had to go down stairs to get Liam to help me do it up because i couldn't do it by myself.

I slowly make my way down the cream carpet linned stair case and slid into the livingroom Liam turned around as soon as he saw me his jaw dropped. "You look amazing!"

"Thank you but you have to say that your my brother!"

"No I mean it you look beutiful!"

"Can you do this up for me?"

"Yaeh sure!" I handed him the necklace and he tieded it up with no problem.

"We've got to go!"

"ok ok! Let me get my bags!" I ran up stairs grabbed my bags and ran back down. We put the bags into the back of the car and started driving to the boys flat so we could go to the airport together. We got the flat and i ran out Louis opened the door i didn't have time to slow down so i ended up running into uncle lou and he suprisingly he didn't fall over he lifted me up and spun me around. I always loved seeing uncle lou i know it's childish calling him that but he always looks after me he is like another brother to me.

After he finnished spinning me around he put me down when he did i ran into the livingroom where Zayn, Harry and Niall were sat and i ran into my chair they looked happy to see me, I jumped up ran and sat on Niall's lap and started playing with his hair he neverminded he always liked it when i played with his hair. He gave me a massive Horan hug i always loved them! I always had a soft spot for Niall i don't know what it is maybe his Irish accent or his crystal blue eyes i don't know but i have to stop he will never feel the same way. "What are you doing here Madz?"

"We're going to the beach house remember?"

"Oh yh how could i forget?"

"I don't know maybe you you don't like spending time with me?" i looked away pouting waiting for him to answer. "Of course i do babe you know i love you!"

"Well i thought you did but i'm not sure......"

"Come on you know i love ya!" he kissed me on the cheek and made me look im in the eyes. "Okay i forgive you."

"YAY!" i got up and went over to sit with Zayn he is always really nice to me he is VERY protective of me i walked over to him and looked at him longingly he nodded and i sat on his lap. "Are you excited for our trip unlike Niall!" I turned and gave Niall a glare.He gave me an I'm sorry look i turned back to Zayn.

"yh i'm REALLY looking forward to it, it will be SO much fun!"

"yes what are we going to do oh we could go shopping then spend all day in the sea even though i can't swim i can watch you guys swiming had i can build sand castles!" Harry piped in "Your such alittle kid sometimes!"

"No she's not she just likes having fun!" argued Zayn.

"yh ner!" I stuck my tounge out to him. "See" Harry said.

"Come on guys we need to go!" Liam said worried.

We left for the airport we piled into the car i was inbetween Niall and Liam like always. I love sitting next to Niall he always lets me go to sleep on him and Liam is just the best so i like sitting next to him. It took 5 hours to get there! I feel asleep twice! When i was awake Louis was shouting and whinning alot it was funny but he gave me a head ache sometimes, Zayn was being his charming self he looking into the mirror he also kept looking at me and pouting for no reason! Harry was driving so he wasn't doing anything! Liam was being a angle he kept asking if i wanted anything and kept asking me if i was ok like normal he is so sweet he always get underestimated it's not fair! Niall was doing the same as me so we were talking alot.

We evenually got to the airport  we piled out of the car into the flashing cameras i grabbed Liam's hand and hid behind him (Yes i am a 18 year old who hides behind her brother) We managed to push past all the paps and made it to the airport, we got on the airoplane i picked my seat which happened to be next next to Liam and Niall i sat inbetween them both we all ended up falling asleep i fell asleep with my head in Liam's lap and Niall's head on my shoulder it was the perfect moment. I woke up first, i took out my phone and looked on twitter i noticed that i had hundreds of mentions i checked them Louis had put a picture of Me, Liam and Niall asleep on twitter.

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