All I Have Is My Words

They say; a word is just a word, but I think writers know better. To a writer letters and words are a gift given to us, so that we can make sense of the senseless. With them we are able to create great stories; stories of love, hate, desire, fear, life and of so much more. If a word is just a word, how come they are so important to us? How come they do hurt us? How come they do sooth us? How come they do make somewhat of a difference?
With the following collection of poems I hope that you too, dear reader will question the saying; a word is just a word, for it is not just a word is it?


6. Listen

Listen, listen...

Take my guitar,

Play the chords,

I’ll follow.


Touch the strings,

Give them wings.

Find the harmony,

Play our destiny.


Listen, listen...

Take a pen,

Write the lyrics,

I’ll sing.


Find the match,

One will catch.

Draw the notes,

Write our oathes.


Listen, listen for life is like a song...

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