All I Have Is My Words

They say; a word is just a word, but I think writers know better. To a writer letters and words are a gift given to us, so that we can make sense of the senseless. With them we are able to create great stories; stories of love, hate, desire, fear, life and of so much more. If a word is just a word, how come they are so important to us? How come they do hurt us? How come they do sooth us? How come they do make somewhat of a difference?
With the following collection of poems I hope that you too, dear reader will question the saying; a word is just a word, for it is not just a word is it?


8. In Death They Walk - dedicated to those who fight for justice and a better world no matter where or why, to those who came home and those who died...

In death alone they walk,

They hear all evil talk.

For days they tortured are,

Their souls it will scare.


In battle they have cried,

Their faithfulness was tried.

We know they are alone,

Those soldiers far from home.


In heart they have a child,

Its laugh so good, so mild.

Behind protector’s wing,

Their lovers soon will sing.


A grave with names upon,

Here fell the tears of sun.

Their sacrifice they brought,

For this is where they fought.


In passing they find peace,

Put all their ache at ease.

Never shall they talk,

For now in death they walk.

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