All I Have Is My Words

They say; a word is just a word, but I think writers know better. To a writer letters and words are a gift given to us, so that we can make sense of the senseless. With them we are able to create great stories; stories of love, hate, desire, fear, life and of so much more. If a word is just a word, how come they are so important to us? How come they do hurt us? How come they do sooth us? How come they do make somewhat of a difference?
With the following collection of poems I hope that you too, dear reader will question the saying; a word is just a word, for it is not just a word is it?


12. A Lost Word

Mute tongues whisper.

In corners and in streets.

Their bitter song,  

Written on music sheets.


Deaf ears pretend,

In praise of fraud.

A cruel promise,

Written fully flawed.


Blind eyes envision.

In picture and in motion.

Their sworn vow,

Witten on their notion.


Withered hearts beat,

In hope of truth.

A lost word,

Written secretly to sooth.

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