Blades In My Pocket

Books in the corner Teddies on the shelf Blades in my pocket For the good of my health Everything's normal It's all okay Blades in my pocket Let's start a new day Listen to the teachers Sit with my friends Blades in my pocket Incase it offends I know to be happy Is simple ennough Blades in my pocket Just can't give up This is my normal How i feel right Blades in my pocket Will help me sleep tonight Please don't take this How else can I be? Without blades in my pocket I'm just not me.


1. Blades In My Pocket

Books in the corner,
Teddies on the shelf,
Blades in my pocket,
For the good of my health.

Everything's normal,
It's all okay,
Blades in my pocket,
Let's start a new day.

Listen to the teachers,
Sit with my friends,
Blades in my pocket,
Incase it offends.

I know to be happy,
Is simple ennough,
Blades in my pocket,
Just can't give up.

This is my normal,
How i feel right,
Blades in my pocket,
Will help me sleep tonight.

Please don't take this,
How else can I be?
Without blades in my pocket,
I'm just not me.

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