I Love You

Just A Love Poem, No Harshness Pleeeeeasee! <3

I Love You,
Please, Please,
Tell Me,
That You Love Me


1. I Love You

I Love You,
I need you,
I have never truly met you.

You don't even know,
How it kills me not to show,
If you need to, we'll take it slow,

The heart I thob to steal,
I dont really know how to feel,
My heart with you, just may heal.

Trust me I really do care,
There wouldn't be any secrets I wouldn't share,
If we could only be a pair.

The truth is I don't know when to speak,
Do you even know that you're all I seek?
If in your mind I could take a single peak.

It doesn't have to go fast,
Take it slow presnt turns to past,
The radiant rays we could cast.

I have a simple thought,
That maybe we ought,
Well, maybe not.

Please, Please,
Tell Me,
That You Love Me.

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