Same Heart

This story is about love an friendship and how people live with their lifes aswell as being married to their chosen member of one direction if you would like to be in my story please leave a coment of your name childs gendr and name and age and which memba. If you also can leave a bit about youself that would help me and my writing. Please enjoy and please tell me what you think Thanks!


1. Niall and Milly & JJ

Milly:loves her family  she has 2 brohers and 1sister her father passed away when she was seven yars old her favorite sport is Volleyball she loves animals and nature.

hobbies: reading magizines she loves playin with her son JJ and her husband niall

birthday:12th August 1994

full name:Milly Brandy Golden

Best friend :Evie Rose Glover


JJ:he is Milly and Nialls son he loves Ducks he loves playing football with his dad he loves to play with his train set aswell .

full name:JJ Ryder Horan

birhday ;21st December 2011

hobbies:football,watching tv and eating.


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