The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


5. The Plan

It's been one month since they have came up with their plan. Throughout the month they just watched their kids and how they acted with each other getting all the information that they need. At times they would put on fake smiles so that they didn't get caught. None of them told the wives about this idea knowing that if they did then they would try and stop them. It's now Tuesday and the kids just got out of school.

"Hey Elena wanna go hang out with us at the mall? Bonnie asked her best friend when they were at their lockers.

"Sorry I can't I'm busy." Elena said with a sorry smile.

"Elena Gilbert is too busy to go SHOPPING!" Caroline said surprised at her.

"Yes actually I am."

"Stefan's coming over isn't he?" Hayley said with a smirk. "Maybe he is maybe he isn't." Elena said with a smirk. "He's coming over to study."

"Stefan Salvatore, study. Are we talking about the same boy?" Caroline said confused.

"Well I didn't mean that kind of study." Elena said as the girls all looked at her.

"Wow Elena Gilbert has turned bad. I like it." Caroline said as the others just laughed.

"Well I learned from the best."

"True." Caroline said with a laugh.

"Hey babe ready to go." Stefan said as he kissed Elena.

"Yeah let's go, bye guys."

At the house Grayson was watching TV when Stefan and Elena walked in.

"Hey dad." Elena said as her and Stefan walked in hand-in-hand.

"Hey kids, what are you doing here Stefan?" Grayson said putting on a fake smile.

"Lena and I are going upstairs to study." Stefan said as they walked upstairs.

"Oh okay have fun." Grayson said as he watched them go upstairs while the dogs followed not far behind and hear the door close. He then walked upstairs to see Stefan and Elena making out.

"Studying my ass." Grayson said as he closed the door. "I think it’s time to start the plan because I do not like what I'm seeing." Grayson thought as he came back downstairs.

Stefan goes home later on after they get done and get a little bit of studying in. Later Elena is in her room on the computer when her father walks in.

"Hey baby girl, can I talk to you?"

"Yeah sure dad." Elena said getting of the computer and sitting next to him on the bed.

"I don't know how to tell you this." Grayson said to a very confused Elena.

"What are you talking about?"

"I want you to break up with Stefan." Grayson said as he looked at a shocked Elena.

"WHAT!" Elena said jumping up from her bed.

"I don't want you two seeing each other again."

"I heard you the first time. Why do you want me to because I remember you saying that you were fine with it?"

"I never was and I don't think that he's the right boy for you."

"Isn't that my choice?" Elena said in a smart tone.

"Don't get smart with me. I'm your father and I know what's best for you."

"Apparently you don't because you want me to break up with a guy who I've dated for 2 years and is the love of my life."

"I knew you would act like this which is why I'm telling you that if, you don't break up with Stefan than I'm sending you to boarding school in Chicago."

"WHAT! You can't do that."

"I can and I will."

"Why are you doing this?" Elena said as tears started to form in her eyes.

"Because I don't want you and him together. I will ruin your future. Now you better do like I said or you're going to Chicago."

And with that Grayson walked out of the room leaving a crying Elena alone. That whole night Elena thought about what her father said and tried to find out what was the right thing to do. She realized that Stefan had called her but she couldn't face him right now, she had to ask someone what to do because she couldn't go to her mum because she would flip. Elena got on the phone for a five way conversation and had found out that the same thing happened to them. The next day each girl came in to the school looking very upset. They each went to their lockers knowing that they were going to make the biggest mistake of their life.

"Hey Elena, Stefan at 2 o'clock." Caroline said as Elena looked up to see Stefan walking to her.

"Well see you in class Elena." Bonnie said as they all walk off.

"Hey babe." Stefan said as he tried to kiss Elena but she turned her head so he kissed her cheek instead.

"Hey what's wrong?" Stefan said looking at her confused seeing as she never acted this way.

Elena just looked at him with tears in her eyes which made him worried.

"Babe what happened, why are you crying?" Stefan said hugging her until she pulled back.

"I can't believe that I'm doing this." Elena said as she looked down shaking her head.

"Doing what? Babe you're scaring me." Stefan said confused at his girlfriend.

"Stefan I have to…" Elena said but she soon trailed off seeing as she couldn't say it.

"You have to what?"

"I have to br-break up with you." Elena said looking down as Stefan's jaw dropped.

"But w-wh-why?" Stefan said as he looked like he was about to cry.

"I can't tell you, I'm sorry." Elena said as she took her promise ring off and gave it to him and then ran off to class.

"ELENA, WAIT." Stefan said but she didn't stop.

He looked down in his hand and saw the ring that he gave her and so many emotions were going through his body all at once. He slammed his hand into a locker and ran off to class to try and talk to her.

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