The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


1. The Beginning

A/N: This is a The Vampire Diaries fanfiction! Hope you enjoy it x


The Father Characters

The Salvatores

Zach Salvatore

Katherine Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore (age 16)

The Gilberts

Grayson Gilbert

Miranda Gilbert

Elena Gilbert (age 16)

The Smiths

Kyle Smith

Jasmine Smith

Damon Smith (age 16)

The Bennetts

John Bennett

Linda Bennett

Bonnie Bennett (age 16)

The Forbes

Vance Forbes

Derby Forbes

Tyler Forbes (age 16)

Caroline Forbes (age 16)

The Mikealsons

Kevin Mikealson

Vanessa Mikealson

Klaus Mikealson (age 16)

The Nelsons

Chris Nelson

Linda Nelson

Meredith Nelson (age 16)

The Cox

Patrick Cox

Tess Cox

Hayley Cox (age 16)

The Cross

Phill Cross

Kimberly Cross

Matt Cross (age 16)



Chapter 1

The day was August 25, 2007 and the wildcats and their parents where at the beach house for the summer. See Elena, Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Caroline, Klaus, Tyler, Hayley, Matt and Meredith had money and when I say money I mean MONEY. They weren't extremely rich, but they did have money because their family as in all 9 families had bought a beach house for all of them to leave in since each family was close. Now every since the wildcats were born they have been the best of friends and every year they would go up to the beach house and spend the summer up there with each other and their parents. Little did they know that this summer would change their lives.

"Morning Mummy, Daddy. Morning everyone."

15 year old Elena Gilbert and her 15 year old friends; Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett, Hayley Cox, and Meredith Nelson said as they came downstairs and kissed their parents on the cheek.

"Morning girls. Did you sleep well?'' Grayson asked them as he sipped his coffee.

"Yeah it was great, even though Damon kept snoring and his room is right across from mine, Elena and Bonnie's room." Caroline said annoyed as everyone laughed.

"Speaking of my son where is he? It's almost 11:30 am!" Kyle asked the girls seeing as none of the boys were there.

"Still sleep. We didn't get in until 12:30 last night." Hayley said answering the question.

"WHAT!" all the dads say shocked.

"Come down daddy. We were at Ashley's beach house, plus we were with the boys." Elena told her concerned father as she ate her breakfast.

"Yeah honey you know that Stefan and the others wouldn't let anything happen to the girls." Miranda told her husband as the other mothers agreed knowing that the boys are very protective over the girls.

"Yeah! Especially Stefan watching Elena all night." Meredith said to the girls knowing that Stefan and Elena like each other but are too afraid to admit matter what the gang said to neither Stefan nor Elena would believe them. They just figured the other one just saw them as a friend.

"SHUT UP!" Elena told Meredith as the others laughed.

"Girls, can you do us a favour and go wake up the boys?" Derby asked them with a smile.

"Sure." They all said with an evil spark in their eyes and ran up the stairs.

As the girls went up the stairs all of a sudden the parents hear: AHHHH! And they see the girls come down the stairs smiling.

"What did you girls do to our sons?" Zach asked knowing that look they had on their faces. Before they could answer the boys came down soaked running towards the girls until their dads stopped them.

"Whoa, what happened?" Vance asked as he held Tyler back.

"Your so called baby girl and her friends poured a bucket of COLD WATER on us!" Tyler said trying to get to his little sister, unlike the girls who are hiding behind their mums laughing.

"Sorry but mum told us to wake you up." Caroline said laughing.

"She didn't mean to drench us." Stefan said angry as his father held him back.

"Sorry wildcat. Forgive us?" Elena said looking at Stefan with pleading eyes knowing he will. Since Stefan had a MAJOR crush on her he let it go and calmed down. One look in her eyes and he would do whatever she wanted.

"Whatever lets go guys." Stefan said as him and the guys went to go change.

"Dude what the hell!" Damon said glaring at Stefan seeing as he just let it go like that.

"What?" Stefan said confused.

"Just because you like Elena doesn't mean you can't get her back." Klaus said.

"What! I don't like her like that, how many times do I have to tell you guys that."

"Yeah sure" Matt said because it was very much visible how Stefan and Elena felt about each other.

"Come on guys were just friends."

"Just friends my ass. Stefan you and everyone else knows that you two belong together. Damon said looking at his best friend.

"Yeah well Lena just sees me as a friend so." Stefan said looking down at his feet. He hated that he didn't have the confidence to tell Elena but what could he do? "Anyway let’s hurry and go eat breakfast." Stefan said as he started to go to take a shower.

"Yer because I'm starving." Damon said as the rest laughed. "Dude you're always hungry." Tyler said as the other agreed.


Two days later the gang was in the living room watching MTV Top 20 video countdown when the mums walked in. "Hey kids, we’re going to the mall, you in?" Linda said with a smile. "YES" all the girls said excited; "NO" the boys said back. The girls looked at the boys and rolled their eyes. "Forget them we'll go." Elena said. "Okay let's go." Katherine said. After the girls left the fathers came in to see the boys playing the Wii. "Hey guys were the girls?" Grayson asked. "Shopping" They all said at the same time. "Aww I wanted to see if Elena wanted to play basketball." Grayson said seeing as Elena LOVED basketball like the boys did. "Oh well, you guys wanna play?" "Duh!" They all said and ran to the court outside.

Later That Day

Two hours later the guys are still playing and the girls are just getting back.

"OMG! That guy at the mall was so HOTT!" Caroline said squealing.

"I know he had awesome hair and a cute smile." Elena said back agreeing.

"WOW you were actually paying attention to him." Meredith said surprised. "Yeah why wouldn't I?"

"Because you're always staring or drooling over Salvatore." Bonnie said answering her question as the others just laughed.

"What I do not!" Elena said back to them while blushing.

"Yes you do and so does he." Hayley said with a smirk "I mean it's so clear that you two like each other".

"Yeah you’re just too stubborn to admit it." Meredith said. "Whatever." Elena said as she rolled her eyes.

"Hey where are the guys anyway?" Caroline asked seeing that they weren't in the house.

"Basketball." Katherine told them. The girls all rolled their eyes seeing that that is all the boys do and sometimes Elena when they need another player.

"Oh well how about we go to the pool." Bonnie suggested with a smile.

"Yeah we can use our new bikinis we just bought." Elena said as they all ran upstairs and change.

With the guys outside, who are in the middle of a heated game.

"Cross has the ball, who passes it to Mikealson, who passes it to Smith only to get it taking by his dad…" Kyle said as he stole and then passed the ball to Zach only to have it taken by Stefan.

"Sorry dad." Stefan said with a smirk as he goes up for the shot until… "Oh My God! She looks so HOTT!" Stefan thought as he watched Elena and the girls walk to the pool.

"Stefan, hey Stefan, STEFAN!" Damon yelled waving his hand in front of Stefan's face.

'Huh, what?"

"Dude what are you staring at?"

"Nothing." Stefan said a little too quickly while blushing. Damon and the other guys turn to where he was looking and all their jaws dropped to the ground. "Holy Mother of God" they all thought as they saw the girls dressed in bikinis sun bathing.

As the girls are tanning, they look over and see the guys staring. "Hey Elena, Salvatore is staring at you. AGAIN." Bonnie said as she laughed. "Looks like Smith is doing the same with you." Elena said in the same tone.

The dads look at the boys confused and then to where they are staring and all look at each other and smirk. "Hey guys why don't you go join them." Grayson said with a smile seeing as he knew Stefan liked Elena. All the boys look at each other and ran to go change.

"Where are they going in such a rush?" Miranda asked her husband.

"To the pool with the girls." Grayson said back after drinking his water.

When the guys change and see the girls laying down they all smirk. They see that the girls are asleep so they pick them up carefully and…. "AHHH!!!!!







"You're dead."

"BYE" They all said before swimming away with the girls hot on their tails. In the house the parents are watching everything and are laughing.

"God I'm going to miss them." Grayson said as he saw Elena dunk Stefan under the water.

"Yeah, us too." All the men said.

"When are you guys going to tell them?" Tess asked the men. They all looked at each other than their kids and said "We don't know”.


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