The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


3. Happy Birthday and Surprise!

It was finally Saturday, the day Elena has been waiting for her 18th birthday. She woke up at 8am to find a huge basket of white and red roses next to her bed.

"Good morning birthday girl." Miranda told her daughter as she kissed her on the forehead.

"Thanks mummy. Hey where did these come from?"

"Stefan. He brought them before you woke up."

"Aw he is so sweet."

"Yes he is. Well we better get ready for today. I can't believe your 18."

"Yeah me either; Mummy do you think daddy will come back soon?" Elena asked her mother seeing as she knows how Elena feels about her father missing her birthday.

"Honey I think he will be here before you even know it." Miranda said smiling at her daughter.

While Elena is getting ready, she gets a text from Stefan. "Happy Birthday Lena. I can't wait to see you 2night. Hope you liked the flowers. Love you always, wildcat."

"Thanks babe and I loved the flowers. Can't wait 2 see u either. Love ya Lena."

Soon it’s time for the party and Elena is putting on the last touches.

"Elena, Stefan is here." Miranda told her daughter and let Stefan in.

"Okay be down in a minute."

"Well Stefan you look very handsome." Miranda told Stefan seeing as he was in a Calvin Klein suit. And by that I mean with the shirt, tie, shoes and his hair is spiky.

"Thanks Miranda you look great too." Stefan said as his eyes travelled to the stairs and his jaw dropped.

"Holy God she is trying to kill me." Stefan thought as Elena came down dressed in a red CK dress with 4 inch heels and her S necklace dangling from her neck and her promise ring on that Stefan gave her for their one year anniversary.

"Hey babe." Elena said with a wide smile.

"You look…. Stunning." Stefan said when he finally was able to talk.

"Aw thanks and I must say you look really hot."

"I try." Stefan said as he kissed her before they left for the party.

At the Party: Club V

The party was going great and it was defiantly the party of the year. Seeing as Elena and the gang were the most popular group at school all of their parties were the hottest. In order to get invited to one of their parties you have to be cool with them. Inside the club you had the bar which they were allowed to drink if their mothers didn't see, a huge dance floor, DJ station and a huge banner that said HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY ELENA!

"This is an awesome party Miranda." Bonnie said as all the girls were dancing to "Tic Tok" by Ke$ha.

"I know right. Defiantly the best birthday ever!" Elena said laughing.

Soon the girls favourite song "Low" by Flo Rida came on which caused everyone to go to the dance floor.

"Hey Birthday Girl." Stefan said spinning her around causing her to giggle.

"Hey sexy. Having fun?"

"Of course, don't I always with you?"

"That's true." Elena said causing both of them to laugh.

After the song ended Miranda went up to the DJ station to make an announcement.

"Alright everyone settle down; well I have a special surprise for Elena along with Stefan, Damon, Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline, Klaus, Matt, Hayley and Meredith."

"Huh?" all ten teens said looking at Miranda confused.

"Okay everyone go outside to find out the surprise."

Everyone does as they are told and when they go outside they all see a limo.

"Okay James move the limo." Miranda told the driver.

When the teens saw who was behind the limo all their jaws dropped.

"Hey kids." 9 voices they knew very well said.

The gang couldn't believe their eyes. Was it true? Were they back? So many questions were going through their heads at once.

"Are you guys just going to stand there or give us a hug?" Grayson said with a smile.


All ten said as they ran and hugged their fathers with tears in the eyes, whom they haven't seen in 2 years.

"I missed you so much." Elena said hugging her father tight.

"I missed you too baby girl. Happy Birthday." Grayson said with a smile.

The next day everyone was at the Gilbert's house talking with each child under their dads.

"I can't believe you guys are back." Stefan said still surprised. "Yeah why didn't you tell us you guys were coming home?" Elena asked even though she was happy her father was back.

"We wanted to surprise you guys." Zach said laughing with the parents.

"Yeah and because we missed everyone so much we decided to come home early." Vance said with Caroline on one side of him and Tyler the other.

"So does that mean you are back for good?" Elena asked hopefully.

"Yeah baby girl were back for good." Grayson said as the other dads agreed.

"YEAH!" They all shouted hugging their fathers as their dads just laughed.

"Okay we haven't seen you guys in 2 years and you are seniors. We need to know what has been going on. Who does what?" Zach said seeing as he wanted to know what they missed.

"Well I'm the caption of the basketball and golf team, VP of the school and in the drama club." Stefan said proud.

"Way to go son." Zach said as he had a proud smile on his face seeing as he's son followed in his high school basketball footsteps.

"I'm caption of the girls' basketball and volleyball team, in the drama club and the secretary of the school." Elena said in the same tone as Stefan.

"Way to go baby girl." Grayson said as he kissed her on the forehead.

Soon all the kids tell their dads what they do and their fathers are very proud.

"Okay now that we know that why do I feel that you guys aren't telling us everything?" Chris said looking at Meredith.

"What are you talking about daddy?" Meredith asked confused as the others looked the same way as she did.

"Boyfriend" All the girls fathers said "and girlfriends" All the boys dad said.

All the teens looked at each other and bit their lips.

"How do you know that we have one?" Elena said looking at her dad.

"Come on baby girl. I may not have seen you in two years but by the way you kids say how you are in school I know you have one. Is it that we aren't going to like them?" Grayson asked his daughter and the others who he sees as his nieces and nephews.

"No you are going to like them." Caroline said telling them.

"So you do have one." Vance said looking at his daughter.

"Yeah we do." Tyler told them.

"Okay so when do we meet them." Kyle said excited that he gets to meet his son's girlfriend.

While the dads look the same way as Kyle the mothers are just trying their best not laugh seeing as they know that the gang is dating each other.

"Well dad you kinda already know her." Damon said looking at Bonnie.

"Yeah you all kinda know them." Tyler said to their confused dads.

"How do we already know them?" Zach asked very confused.

"Okay how about this each girl go sit next to their boyfriends." Katherine said helping the kids out.

"How are they going to do that when they aren't here?" Grayson asked his friends wife.

"Just watch honey." Miranda said as Elena got up and sat on Stefan's lap as did the others.

"Baby girl, why are you on Stefan's lap?" Grayson said looking very confused now.

"You said you wanted to meet my boyfriend. Well Stefan's my boyfriend." Elena said as she looked at Stefan and smiled as the others girls did the same.

"WHAT!" all nine dads said.

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