The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


6. Guys are puzzled

As Stefan walked into homeroom, he saw all his friends looking upset and then saw that Elena had her head down most likely crying.

"Okay class, settle down." Mrs. Darbus said as she took roll call. "Okay you may all talk but no CELLPHONES!"

Soon everyone starts moving around except for one group that split, the girls in the back with Elena and the boys in the front with Stefan.

"Hey Elena, how did it go?" Meredith said as she sees Elena tears in her eyes.

"How do you think?" Elena said as she looked at all of them than at Stefan who just happened to be looking at her. "I really broke his heart guys."

"Yeah so did we with our boyfriends." Bonnie said looking down.

"Ex-boyfriends." Caroline said thinking about what happened with Klaus.

With the guys who are all sitting by Stefan.

"So what happened with you and Elena?" Damon asked his best friend.

"She broke up with me." Stefan said sadly as he looked down. "WHAT!" they all said surprised.

"What for?" Damon asked surprised seeing as he knew how much they were in love.

"I don't know she wouldn't tell me. She just gave me back the ring and ran off."

"Same with our girls." Tyler said.

"Huh?" Stefan said confused.

They just held up the ring or necklace they gave their girls and Stefan figured out that they broke up with them too.

"What are we going to do?" Matt said as he looked at them.

"I don't know but I'm going to find some way to get Elena back. Even if it kills me." Stefan said as he looked back at Elena who looked right at him.

The rest of the day was hard on both the girls and the guys. None of the girls would talk to the boys no matter how hard they tried.

Later at home Elena was reading when her phone started to ring and she saw that it was Stefan's picture on her phone and she just sighed and pressed ended. Hi this is Elena sorry I didn't get your call. Leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can. Stefan just sighed as he hung up.

That had been the 7th time since he got home and Elena didn't answer none of them. "Why did she break up with me? Did I do something wrong? Yesterday everything seemed fine, what could I have done? UGH why did she do it? She knows I love her. Doesn't she?"

All these questions where going through his head as his father came in and broke his though.

"Hey son you okay I heard you yelling." Zach asked his heartbroken son.

"No I'm not. Elena broke up with me and I don't know why." Stefan said as he looked at a picture of him and Elena with their foreheads connected.

"Aw son it'll be okay maybe that's a sign that she wasn't the one." Zach said pretending to be sad even though he was happy that the plan worked.

As his dad said that Stefan's blood started to boil and he got very angry.

"SHUT UP!" That's not true she is the one for me and I'm going to get her back." Stefan shouted as he ran out of the house. "STEFAN!" Zach yelled but it was too late Stefan was already gone.

He had to get out and go somewhere that he could think.

Elena on the other hand was looking at a photo album of her and Stefan when they were at the park with the gang and she had jumped on his back causing both of them to fall and laugh which made her start to cry.

"Hey baby girl are you okay."

"Does it look like I am? I broke up with Stefan, are you happy now?" Elena said looking at her father with tears in her eyes.

"Yes I am. Trust me Elena you did the right thing." Grayson said looking at Elena.

"The RIGHT THING! I just broke up with the guy of my dreams all because of you. I thought you wanted me to be happy."

"I do baby girl and that's what I'm doing by making you break up with him."

"The hell you are! You don't care about me at all. You know what? I wish you never came back home!" Elena said as she walked out of the house.

"Hey what's with all the yelling?" Miranda asked as she saw Elena leave.

"Elena broke up with Stefan."

"What, why?"

"I don't know she wouldn't tell me." Grayson said acting like he didn't know why or what happened.

"Wow I hope they both are okay." Miranda said as she became worried about her daughter.

Elena left and had just ran to the one place where her parents couldn't find her. The place where she could think which is what she had to do. That place was the beach where her and Stefan had got together and had their first kiss, the only thing was that Stefan was there as well. Stefan was walking at the beach just to think. He was thinking about him and Elena and what could have gone wrong. They had never ever fought and if they did he would apologize to her before they went home. He couldn't take it. As he walked on the beach he thought about the time when him and Elena got together and kissed.


Elena was in her room asleep when someone knocked on her balcony door.

"Who is it?" Elena said going to the door a little afraid.

"Lena it's me open the door."

"Stefan, its 11:30 at night. What are you doing here?" Elena said as she opened the door.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me." Stefan said with a smile.

"At 11:30 at night." Elena said looking at him like he is crazy.

"Yeah. Come on, please." He said with a pleading smile.

"Fine, but if we get caught it's your fault."

They just walk to the beach talking, laughing and flirting with each other sometimes without even knowing it. "WOW have you seen anything that beautiful?" Elena said looking at the sky and the stars.

"Yeah, I have." Stefan said looking at Elena. Elena looked back at him and blushed.

"So why did you want me to walk with you?"

"I um have to tell you something actually." Stefan said rubbing the back at his neck telling that he was nervous. "Okay what is it?"

"Um Um" Stefan said not able to talk.

"Come on Stefan you can tell me anything." Elena said smiling at him.


"You what?"

"I can't stop think about you. Everywhere I go I see you or I'm thinking about you. When I'm around you I can't help but smile and my heart skips a beat every time you laugh or look at me. I love you and always have since 7th grade. I was just too afraid to say it. But I do, I really love you."

As Stefan said this Elena just stood there shocked.

"Its okay if you don't feel the same way I'll just-." Stefan was cut off by Elena kissing him and he soon kissed her back. Three minutes later they pulled back.

"You talk too much." Elena said looking at him whit the biggest smile on her face.

"Does this mean you feel the same way?"

Elena just nodded her head and Stefan picked her up and twirled her around.

"Stefan stop!" Elena said giggling.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" Stefan said looking at her in the eyes.

"I'd love to." Elena said as they kissed again.

End of Flashback

As Stefan thought about that a tear came down his face and he bumped into someone.

"I’m sorry." A voice he knew well said.

"Lena?" Stefan said as Elena looked at him. "What are you doing here?"

"I had to think and I thought to come here." Elena said as she wiped her eyes.


Elena knowing what he meant just sighed.

"Stefan I already told you I can't tell you." Elena said looking at him.

"Please Lena. I'll fix it, I'll do anything just tell me." Stefan said begging her.

"Stefan I-" Before she could finished she was cut off by Stefan kissing her with all the passion and might he had and it didn't take long for her to kiss back.

"Tell me you didn't feel anything." Stefan said looking her in the eyes.

"I have to go." And with that Elena left leaving a very upset and confused Stefan and ran all the way home to her room and cried herself to sleep.

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