The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


4. Explanation

After the kids get done explaining to their fathers what happened they are still talking.

"Okay so you are telling us that you ten are dating each other." Grayson said getting everything in.

"Yeah." Elena said holding Stefan's hand.

"That's great baby girl."

"Really!" Both Stefan and Elena said surprised.

"Yeah we have been trying to get you guys together for years. Its funny how you guys got together once we left." John said looking at Bonnie and Damon.

"But you guys better take good care of our girls." Grayson said looking at Stefan.

"Yes sir." All the guys said nervous since they kind of skipped this part of dating.

Later that night

"Miranda, why couldn't you have told me that Elena was dating Stefan?" Grayson said angry.

"Because I didn't think I needed to." Miranda said confused.

"Of course you did. I need to know who my daughter is dating just in case I might not like him."

"Okay well they have been dating for 2 years and what do you mean by not liking him. You don't like them together?"

"No." Grayson said low enough that Miranda couldn't really hear him. "What did you say?"

"I said NO."

"What? You told them that you were fine with it." Miranda said looking at her husband like he is crazy.

"I'm not okay. I just don't think that he is good enough for her."

"Shouldn't that be up to her?"

"Yes but I'm her father."

"You know what I'm going to let you and Zach deal with it." Miranda said getting into bed.

Grayson than walks out to go talk to Elena and finds her in her room talking on the phone. He didn't say anything because he wanted to know who she was talking to.

"OMG Stefan I can't believe that are dads are okay with us dating." Elena said unaware that her dad is listening.

"I know I thought they were going to freak." Stefan said unaware that his dad was doing the same.

"Stefan, can I talk to you for a minute?" Zach yelled.

"Yeah, sure dad."

"Hey I gotta go babe. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay Love you."

"Love you too." After they hang up Stefan talks to Zach and at the same time Grayson comes in Elena's room.

"Hey baby girl."

"Oh, hey daddy."

"So you were talking to Stefan."

"Yeah. Daddy Stefan's great. He's so sweet."

"I'm sure he is. So your mum told me that you two have been dating for 2 years."

"Yeah like 2 months after you left."

"So how did you get together?" Grayson asked his daughter. "Well…" Elena started as she told her dad how they got together.

With Stefan who was having the same talk with his dad. "And then we found out that the same thing happened with the others." Stefan said as he finished telling his dad how he and Elena got together.

"Wow that's great son." Zach said as he put on a fake smile. "Yeah dad Elena's great. She's everything I ever wanted. I love her so much." Stefan said as he started to daydream about Elena.

"Wow son. Love is such a big word." Zach said looking at his son.

"Yeah I know but I know that she is the girl that I want to spend the rest of my life with." Stefan said in a serious tone.

"Well that's great. Let's get some sleep. Night." Zach said as he left the room and then walked in the living room to make an important call.

"Hey guys we really have to talk about this."

The next day the Elena came down to see her parents eating breakfast.

"Hey mum, dad."

"Hey baby girl. You hungry? I made your favourite." Grayson said as she sat down next to her mum.

"Chocolate Pancakes?"

"Of course"

"God I missed you daddy." Elena said with a smile as he sat her breakfast in front of her.

"I missed you too." Grayson said as he kissed the top of her head. "Hey mummy have you seen Shadow I can't find her anywhere."

"Who's shadow?" Grayson said looking confused.

"My puppy Stefan bought me for our anniversary."

"Oh" Grayson said in a tone that meant he didn't like that.

"Yeah sweetie she's in the leaving room."

As if on time Shadow walked in the room followed by their other dogs: Kasey a German Sheppard and Buddy a golden retriever.

"Hi girl. This dad is my puppy Shadow." Elena said showing her father.

"She's cute baby girl. I can't believe Stefan got you a dog." Grayson said with a fake smile.

"Yeah me either." Elena said thinking about him.


"I'll get it." Elena said as she ran to the door.

"Miranda you let him get her a dog." Grayson said in an angry tone.

"Let it go Grayson it was 5 months ago." Miranda said looking at her husband.

"Good morning Miranda, Grayson." Stefan said as he walked in holding Elena's hand.

"Hello Stefan what are you doing here?" Grayson said surprised that Stefan was their so early.

"Oh sorry dad I forgot to tell you sometimes we meet up with the gang at Starbucks before school."

Elena said informing her father.

"Yeah and if we don't hurry Caroline will kill me seeing as I'm driving today."

"Right let's go. Bye guys." Elena said as she left with her boyfriend only that neither of them knew that this was making their fathers feel worse.

When Stefan and Elena get to Starbucks they gang is already at their table.

"Hey guys." They both said walking in.

"Hey Elena and Superstar. We got you your usual." Caroline said passing them their drinks.

"Thanks Care-Bear." Elena said back.

"Hey guys; tell me why my dad kept asking me questions about me and Bonnie's relationship." Damon said seeing as his father was acting just like the others.

"Yeah my dad did the same last night and this morning." Stefan said remembering his dad questioning him.

"They have been acting weird since they found out that we have been dating." Hayley said.

"Yeah well whatever it is dad needs to really stop asking questions." Tyler said.

"Whatever let’s just get to school before we’re late." Elena said as they left for school.

The dads are all at the Salvatore's house seeing as the mums all went to work and the kids are at school.

"Then Damon ran out saying he had to go pick up Bonnie." Kyle said telling the guys what happened that morning.

"Same with Stefan; You know that he told me that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Elena." Zach said looking at Grayson.

"Yeah well that's not going to happen and don't care how much they love each other." Grayson said looking back.

"I found out that Stefan bought her a dog for their anniversary and a promise ring."

"Yeah Klaus bought Caroline a ring too." Vance said as Zach and Kevin looked at each other.

"What are we going to do because I don't want Meredith dating Matt? No offence Phill." Chris said seeing as the other dads agreed.

"None taking but you are right."

"Hey I have an idea." Grayson said looking at all of them with an evil smile.

"Well what is it." Zach said wanting to know how they can break they kids up.

Grayson tells them and all of them look at each other with the same evil smile as Grayson.

"This plan is defiantly going to work. Stefan and Elena along with the others will be over very soon." Grayson said knowing that his plans always work and that this one will work for sure.

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