The Fathers

When the gangs father go away to war things change. What happens when they come back two years later to find out something about their children that they don't like. Will the fathers destroy what has happen or will the gang fight back?


2. Dads have news

Three days later the whole gang was back at home and the dads thought it was time to tell the kids their little secret. Everyone was at Elena's house and the kids were on their way out before their parents stopped them.

"Honey you really need to tell Elena the truth." Miranda told her husband seeing as he was trying to hide telling his daughter something.

"Yeah and so do the rest of you guys." Katherine told the rest of the dads.

Grayson just sighed and got up before he saw the kids come downstairs.

"Bye Mum, Dad we're going to the mall." Elena said as she and her friends headed to the door.

"Whoa hold up baby girl. We need to talk to you guys first." Grayson told them as they walked to the living room.

"Whatever it is Damon did it." Stefan said putting his hands up defending himself. "WHAT! Thanks a lot bro." Damon said in a loud tone.

"Don't worry you didn't do anything son. We just have to tell you kids something important." Kyle told his son as he sat by him.

"Oh okay, what is it?" Damon asked concerned.

"Do you kids remember when you were younger and all of us went to war?" Vance asked.

"Yeah, we were six and you guys didn't come back until three years later." Tyler told them.

"Why do you ask?" Caroline asked her father.

"Well what if we told you guys we had to go back." Zach asked as he looked at all of them.

The teens looked at each other and laughed until they saw that their dads weren't laughing.

"You're joking right?" Matt asked his dad.

"I wish I was son." Phill told him.

"What!" All ten said as they jumped up.

"Daddy please tell me it's not true. You're not leaving again are you?" Elena asked her father with tears in her eyes.

"Baby girl, let us explain." Grayson asked pleading.

"When?" Elena said in an angry tone.

"When what?" Zach asked confused.

"When do you guys leave!" Stefan said in the same tone as Elena.

"Saturday" was all the men were able to say as they held their heads down.


"Kids." Miranda said but it was too late. Elena went to her room while the rest went home.

"We better go talk to them." Chris said as they left the Gilbert house.

"Baby girl open the door." Grayson asked.


"Please." Grayson begged and then she opened her door, not even looking at him, crying.

"Oh come here honey."

"Daddy, why are you leaving, why didn't you tell me?"

"I'm sorry I didn't. I know when you were 9 I told you I wasn't going to leave again but I had no choice."

"I don't want to lose you."

"You want, I promise." Grayson said as he kissed her on the forehead.

On Saturday morning the whole gang was at the military airport getting ready for the fathers to leave. Both the kids and the wives were crying because soon they will be gone for they don't know how long.

"Aw, come here baby girl." Grayson said as he pulled a crying Elena in for a hug.

"I'll be okay."

"Are you sure daddy?"

"Promise." He told her with a smile which made her smile.

Soon the Salvatore family came over and while Zach hugged Miranda and Elena, Grayson did the same with Katherine and Stefan.

"Promise me you will take care of my little girl."

"I promise." Stefan told Grayson as he held Elena's hand.

"Major Gilbert, it’s time for you and your men to go."

"Okay, thank you."

"Be safe please." Miranda told her husband.

"I will. I love you both."

"We love you too." They told him as he hugged and kissed them one last time.

As the plane left, the girls started to cry more and the boys pulled them in. Little did they know that their lives are about to change. Hopefully for the best.


The year is 2009; 2 years after Major Gilbert and the rest of the fathers went off to war. The wildcats are now seniors and lives have changed a lot. They are the most popular group at East High. With people that hate, love or want to be them, but of course they don't let anyone in their group. Matt is on the basketball team and is still 99.9% clueless at time, Meredith is on the volleyball team and in the drama club as the writer of all the musicals, Hayley is head cheerleader, on the volleyball team and the science team, Tyler is the caption of the baseball team and co-president of the drama club, Klaus is on the basketball team and one of the best chefs in East High, Bonnie is on the volleyball team and the caption of the science team, Caroline is the co-caption of the volleyball team and co-president of the drama club, Damon is the Co-caption of the basketball and baseball team and he is caption of the track team, Elena is the caption of the girls basketball team, and volleyball team, the co-caption of the science team and is in drama club and Stefan is the caption of the basketball and golf team, and he is also in the drama club as one of the best actors along with Elena, Caroline and Tyler. Bonnie is also school president with Stefan as VP, Elena the secretary and Hayley the treasurer. Volleyball season has just ended with the girls winning the championship against West High and now its basketball season. The guys have just come out of practice and are walking to their lockers.

"Practice was great today." Stefan said as he reached his locker. "That's because you whooped my team asses." Damon said laughing.

"Well duh that's because he's the best." A voice they all knew very will said.

When they turned around Stefan and the guys sees the girls and Tyler smiling.

"Hey babe." Stefan said kissing Elena.

Every since the fathers have left Stefan and Elena along with Klaus and Caroline, Bonnie and Damon, Tyler and Hayley and Meredith and Matt have started to date for some 1 year and for others like Stelena 2.

"Hey babe, how was practice?" Elena said once they pulled back.

"Great since mine and Klaus's team whooped Damon's and Matt's."

"Well of course you are the best." Caroline said hugging Klaus.

"You girls are just saying that because they are your boyfriends." Matt said doing the same as Klaus.

"Hey don't blame Lena and Care because they love us." Stefan said sticking his tongue out.

"Whatever." Damon said rolling his eyes as everyone else laughed.

Later That Day

The girls are all at their lockers getting ready to go home. All their lockers are next to each other with Elena in the middle, Caroline and Hayley on the right and Bonnie and Meredith on the left.

"So Shining Star, what are you doing for your birthday?" Meredith asked Elena seeing as she was turning 18 on Saturday.

"I'm having a party at Club V."

"No Way!" Hayley said with a shock.

"Yep mums letting me have it there, but of course she and our mums will be there."

"Be where?" Stefan asked as he walked up and put his arms around Elena's waist.

"At Club V for Elena's birthday party." Caroline told them with a smile.

"NO WAY! Aunt Miranda is letting you have it there?" Damon said really surprised.

"Yep. There will be Music, dancing and maybe drinks, if I have anything to do with it." Elena said with a smirk while the others were laughing.

"Saturday is going to be awesome." Bonnie said as they all left school.

Later on Stefan and Elena were at her house in her room watching TV.

"Lena what's wrong? You've been quiet every since we got here." Stefan asked her looking worried.

"Nothing I'm okay." Elena said lying.

"Lena, I've known you my whole life, you’re not okay. Please tell me." Stefan said as she looked at him with teary eyes.

"I'm just thinking about my dad. I mean I turn 18 in 2 days and he won't be here." Elena said as tears started to fall.

"Aw come here babe." Stefan said as he pulled Elena into his lap. "It will be okay. He'll come back along with my dad and the rest."

"How do you know Stefan? He's been gone for 2 years."

"Trust me." Stefan said with a smile as he leaned in and kissed her. "Thanks wildcat. You always know what to say." Elena said once they pulled back.

"That's what boyfriends are for." Stefan said smiling at her.

As they finished watching TV, Elena fell asleep as Stefan watched her. "God I hope I was right." Stefan thought thinking about what he told Elena earlier.

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