Bleeding Sink

Another Story just 4 u guys


2. Bloody Sink


 I got up late the next morning, and had the downstairs bathroom all to myself.  So it wasn’t until evening, when everyone was back in the dorm, crowding in and out of the bathrooms, that I slipped away to use the locked up facilities.  It was still early in the evening, and I made sure no one was around before I headed to the abandoned bathroom.  With a few twists of the wire, I opened the lock.  As I stepped inside, the air temperature plummeted twenty degrees or more and my nose was hit by the pungent, strong smell of fresh blood.  A second later, I saw the blood-spattered sink. 

Bright-red gore was everywhere – on the porcelain, on the walls, oozing down the sides of the sink.  And hovering before it, his feet a good six-inches off the ground, was the luminous form of a college-aged boy wearing old-fashioned clothes in the style of the 1960s.  His forehead had a disfiguring dent smashed into it, and blood was dripping down his face.  As I gaped at him, horrified and frozen in terror, he turned and looked at me.  Then he held out a blood-stained hand.  His eyes were desperate, pleading for help, and I heard a low moaning sound coming from between his blood-stained lips.  The sound raised every hair on my body and made the skin prickle in sheer, cold horror.  I backpedaled fiercely, my legs scrambling to get away while my eyes and head remained fixed on the ghost, on the bloody sink.  A drop of red blood fell from his outstretched hand as I stared at him.  Then the momentum of my legs carried me through the door, which slammed shut behind me, and the hot, pungent smell of fresh blood followed me through the halls and down the staircases until I was outside into the chilly air of autumn, breathing deeply.  My knees shook so bad that I fell onto the nearest patch of grass, stomach heaving.  Oh lord!  The ghost was real!  No wonder they kept the place locked up.  

      I lay on the grass for a long time, ignoring the chill in the air.  This was a natural chill which comforted, not that unnatural chill that had frightened me upstairs.  I breathed in and out, in and out, watching the stars above me, bright even through the campus lights.  I took comfort from the huge, clear expanse of sky.  But I still felt reluctant to go back inside that haunted building.  I shuddered once, from head to toe.  Oh how my granny would laugh if she knew her big brave grandson was too scared to go back inside a haunted dormitory.  It was the thought of granny that got me back onto my feet and upstairs to my room.  But I didn’t care what granny or anyone else thought of me.  I was never going back to the fourth floor bathroom.  Once was enough. 

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