Change Your Life

Abby is your normal teen in your normal high school. She's always been bullied so nobody takes any notice. But one event of standing up for herself leads to many others, and she soon finds out she's not the person she thought she was.


3. Chapter Three


‘A spy?’ I couldn’t fully take it in. I thought that all this spy stuff was just from the movies, not that it was real.

‘Yes, he is’ Kate smiled at me reassuringly. It made me feel a little better but I still felt uneasy.

‘Why don’t you tell her the rest’ Harry sighed.

She nodded and continued, ‘But you can’t stay here anymore. Since we know the authorities know and want to take you to ‘safety’. The people who abducted you have been arrested and now there are people after you.’ She paused to see my reaction.

‘But why can’t I just stay with my real parents?’ I thought it was stupid that they were stopping me from going back to my own family.

‘They’re not good people. They’ve killed people Abby, but nonetheless, the authorities want you to go back to them.’

‘They deserve a chance!’ I shouted, before leaving the house.

Harry’s POV
I was surprised that Abby had left like that, but she had to make her own decisions.

Kate started to go after her, but I pulled her back.

‘She’ll want some time to think.’ I kiss her on the lips softly and she smiles at me.

I place a hand on her abdomen, still ecstatic over the fact I was going to be a father.

‘I love you.’ I whisper.

‘I love you too.’


[shorter chapter than the others and okay  Kate I know you’re reading this I’ll be putting it up separately k? You know what I mean]

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