Change Your Life

Abby is your normal teen in your normal high school. She's always been bullied so nobody takes any notice. But one event of standing up for herself leads to many others, and she soon finds out she's not the person she thought she was.


1. Chapter One


‘Awh I guess freak didn't like that special drink we gave her.’ Lisa sneered. I felt myself shaking a little, biting back the sobs and blinking back the tears.

‘We thought you like vinegar and coke freak!’ One of Lisa’s cronies cackled.

My breathing got quicker and shallower; a couple of angry tears breaking the barriers and rolling down my cheeks.

‘Does little freak want her mummy?’ Lisa put on a baby voice and then laughed before pouring a little of the coke and vinegar in my hair.

I bit my lip harder, finding it strange I hadn't already made it bleed. I slowly reached for my plate of food.

‘What’re you gonna do with that freak? Tip it on your head? Or would you like me to?’ Belle, Lisa’s sidekick giggled.

I picked it up off the table and drew in a deep breath before throwing it square at Lisa’s chest.

The entire cafeteria fell silent as Lisa glared at me. I could see the fury bubbling up in her eyes.

‘You little...’ She hissed, clenching her fists.

I walked straight out of the cafeteria, grinning to myself. I really should've been scared of the consequences but I couldn't feel any better. It’d probably hit me that I had thrown macaroni cheese all over the most popular girl in school.


I kept to myself, writing down the equations on the board, disregarding the fact they were just a load of scribbles in my mind.

I heard whispering from the back of the class.

‘She’s such a slut, she really did five guys?’ someone whispered.

‘Yep that little freak Abby.’ I turned around to see Lisa smirking.

‘Are you sure you aren't talking about yourself? Last I heard you were banging with Adam. But oh sorry that was a week ago, I bet you've already banged someone else since then.’ I say in a sickly sweet voice before turning around and back to the jumble of words on my page.

I hear sharp intakes of breath in the now silent classroom.

‘You’ll pay for that freak...’

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