I would

Nicole is an 18 year old girl who was abused by her step dad. After Nicole's mom died her step dad Jon has been treating her like a house keeper. But Nicole has been planning an escape for years so when the time comes she will be able to free from her abusive dad. But will she be able to find someone who actually care for her? Or will she find more trouble?
Read to find out.


3. Three

*Niall's POV

As I call the doctor to tell her about her stab.I waited outside and still thinking about how did she get her stab. Who would stab her? She was to beautiful to hurt or anything. I suddenly had an urge feeling that I have to protect her. I know I just knew her but I'm gaining fast feelings for her.

The Doctor walks out of the room and tells me something 

"She told me the whole story. It was her Step dad who stabbed her cause she disagreed to follow what her Step dad ordered to do so her dad got mad and got a knife and stabbed her and she just ran away cause he left the door open so she said that her step dad warned her to watch out because he is going to have her killed. And she also mentioned that she doesn't have a place to stay anymore. So do you know any place where she can stay in?" 

"Well she can stay in my place. I won't do anything that shouldn't be done. I promise I'll take care of her." I replied the doctor and he agreed and he said that Nicole can get out of the hospital any time he likes 

So I went into her room 

"Hi Nicole! I hope you're feeling better and just for you to know that your staying in my place. The Doctor also said that you could go whenever you want so.. When do you want to go?

*Nicole's POV

O my gosh The Niall James Horan  was in my room. Keep calm Nicole, keep clam . And did he just say that I'm staying at His house?!

"Umm are you sure you want me to stay in your place?"

"Yes of course I would love you there! Oh I mean yeah, Yeah if it's okay with you." Niall chuckled. 

Oh how cute was Niall's laugh.

"Okay but please don't bring me back to him please he's horrible" I was crying already. Niall was in shock so he hugged me and calm me down.

"I will never bring you back to him. And I'm always here to protect you." those 15 words made trust him 

I stopped crying and told him that I would like to leave the hospital today and he agreed so were leaving later 


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