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Nicole is an 18 year old girl who was abused by her step dad. After Nicole's mom died her step dad Jon has been treating her like a house keeper. But Nicole has been planning an escape for years so when the time comes she will be able to free from her abusive dad. But will she be able to find someone who actually care for her? Or will she find more trouble?
Read to find out.


6. Six

*Louis' POV

I never knew and I know I've only met Nicole but shes the most beautiful girl in the world I've ever seen. I'm thinking of making her mine but it's too soon. And I can't believe that Harry did that to me. He knows that I'm here for him. He knows that I'  trustworthy so how come he didn't tell us. It makes me sad but this shouldn't brake our friendship. And I have to prove myself to Nicole. I also remember the thing I said about us being the bestest of friends actually I wanted to be more than that I don't want to be friendzoned.

*Nicole's POV

After Harry was done telling the story I missed him even more and I told him that I'll be staying here for a while and I told everything to him especially when I told him the last thing my stepdad told me that he will find me and have me dead. I kind of cried but not that much. So I decided to go down and get some food and I saw Niall was there munching at some food already. So I asked him if I could have some. Then he gave me so I kissed him in the cheek and there's nothing wrong with that. Right?

*Niall's POV

She kissed me in the cheeks! Which made me blush and don't think that I'm gay cause hey boys can blush too! I'm falling hard for this girl. I wish she felt the same so when we were done eating she asked me if do we have any clothes for girls here so I got some of Danielle's stuff that she leaves here so she won't have tot bring clothes when shes staying here and Danielle is Liam's girl friend. I gave it to her and she said "Thanks Ni" She had a beautiful smile and it goes with her green emerald eyes. Like Harry's!

*Harry's POV

I can see that the two boys are crushing on my sister I can see it from how Louis and Niall looks at her and also when Nicole gave Niall a kiss on the cheek a saw Niall's cheeks were burning red but if they want to date her I have to give them my permission cause I don't want to see my baby Nikki getting hurt and yes I called her that before when I was 7 then she calls me baby Hazza and I miss her calling me that. So I'm going to ask Niall and Louis later if they really like my sister. Maybe I should call Dani so she could meet Nikki. I think it might be fun and I'll also call Jewel (Zayn's Girlfriend). Those girls are really fun so I guess they can make Nicole happier 

*Zayn's POV

Harry was calling me I think he needs something so I went to his room and he told me to tell Jewel to come over which makes me excited cause I miss my Jewel already she even gave me a nickname which is Zaynie boo It's cute so I decided to call her Jeweie Boo so I texted her

To: Jewie Boo <3 

Babe come on over I want you too meet someone and I miss you like crazy :( cause I haven't seen you for 1 day already :( Make me happy? :)) Love you Babe! Xx. -Zaynie

She replied quickly 

From: Jewie Boo <3

On my way Babe! :* And who is this you want me to meet? :)) Miss you too :** Love you Too! XoXo -Jewie

Aww I love this girl too much she's too sweet! I love how her dark brown wavy hair flows down her shoulders. And I swear this is the girl I will marry

*Liam's POV

Harry told me that I should bring Dani over cause he wants her to meet Nikki. I'm sure the two girls will get along well. And I miss Dani too much it's been last week since I saw her. Cause shes been busy with her dancing but that's no trouble with me cause I trust her. And I see that Nicole has green emerald eyes lie Harry's and Nicole's past just make me cry. And I swear if that John guy shows up and tries to hurt Nikki I swear I could kill him and I see that Louis and Niall are going Goo-goo-gaa-gaa over Nikki but It's too soon we should let her calm down and settle in because she has to over come her past cause it's too harsh. Too much abuse. 



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