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Nicole is an 18 year old girl who was abused by her step dad. After Nicole's mom died her step dad Jon has been treating her like a house keeper. But Nicole has been planning an escape for years so when the time comes she will be able to free from her abusive dad. But will she be able to find someone who actually care for her? Or will she find more trouble?
Read to find out.


1. One

*Nicole's P.O.V

"Nicole get me a bottle of beer!" My lazy step dad ordered. "Coming!" I shouted. This is not like a Cinderella movie okay cause I don't want that to happen. And I really want to run away from home.I wish to find someone who really cares for me. Who loves me for me. And my step dad never let me believe in true love. But I really love to believe in that. And he only let me use the internet for 20 minutes with his supervision and I'm not allowed to talk to anyone through the net. Also I adore the famous boy band One Direction. But my step dad tells me that they're all Bullshit and a waste of time. So I don't bring them up. "Nicole where the Fuck are you!?" my step dad shouts "I'm here! And what do you need again? You ask to many Bullshits in one day! You should get up your lazy ass and get what you want! I was not born to be your servant!" I answered and I know I could get in trouble but I also have to let out my feelings too."What the fuck did you just say to me.! You know you could just shut your fucking mouth Nicole!" My dad blurted out and I'm hiding at the kitchen already.

*Few Minutes Later (No one's P.O.V)

John was holding a knife and was looking for Nicole. He looked for her at the bathroom, the bedroom, and finally the kitchen. "Hello!" he shocks Nicole and stabs her by the waist but not to deep and Nicole runs to the door and finally runs away. Nicole ran as fast as her feet could carry her even if shes wounded. her step dad just shouts "I'll find you and have you dead!" But Nicole didn't look back she just ran to the park where her and her mom used to hang out before.

**** Author's Note:

Hey! I hope you like it and please comment about your opinion . I would appreciate that :)))))

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