I would

Nicole is an 18 year old girl who was abused by her step dad. After Nicole's mom died her step dad Jon has been treating her like a house keeper. But Nicole has been planning an escape for years so when the time comes she will be able to free from her abusive dad. But will she be able to find someone who actually care for her? Or will she find more trouble?
Read to find out.


5. Five

Niall's P.O.V

This is really confusing I thought she said she had no family?! But how come she has Harry. And why did Harry didn't tell us before? Why did he keep it a secret? I have so many questions running through my head right now and most of all what memories? Well I've gotta find out


Harry's P.O.V

I knew it. I knew that I would get a chance to see my sister again I really miss her from the 8 years that we haven't seen each other was like hell because I didn't get to see her or mum yes I know maybe I'll tell the boys later. But when I saw Nics she had alot of bruises so I guess that her stepdad did that to her.

"Guys I want a group meeting with Nicole"

"Sure" They saidd in unison

"Nikki do you mind me telling the story?"I asked hoping she'll say yes 

"Sure if you want to" Nikki replied softly

"Uhmmmm guys I bet you're wondering how did we become brother and sister. Umm it actually started when we knew mom had cancer and my dad couldn't bear it so  he got me and he told nikki to go with mum and they got separated  and dad married some other woman and when me and Nikki got separated we were both 10 and we were still communicating by sending each other letters and I still have Nikki's last letter I kept it until today and... I'm just gonna read it to you guys"

Dearest Harry,

Harry I know you might be sad but this is going to be my last letter to you cause my stepdad is getting suspicious so I'll have to end this communicating stuff cause I'm afraid he might hurt me so just promise me that you'll always remember me and mum and just to mention that mum misses you already but John wouldn't let me and mum talk about you. And Harry i know that one day that we'll both see each other again. God knows for how long but please always remember this me and mum will always miss you and we will never forget about you I'm hoping that you and dad will do the same. I love you Harry 


                                                                                                    Your sister,


Re-reading that letter tore a tear to my face cause I really miss her. I miss the fun moments. I miss everything. I'm just really happy that I have my Nikki back. This time I won't leave her and this time I'm here to protect her.

** Authors' note

Hey lovelies thanks for reading and thats the longest I can do for today and please don't forget to like,comment,and favorite thanks love you guys!


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