I would

Nicole is an 18 year old girl who was abused by her step dad. After Nicole's mom died her step dad Jon has been treating her like a house keeper. But Nicole has been planning an escape for years so when the time comes she will be able to free from her abusive dad. But will she be able to find someone who actually care for her? Or will she find more trouble?
Read to find out.


8. eight


 She was not answering was it a tense question sooooooo she was still not answering and I heard a Harry getting mad at me 

"Louis did you really have to ask that question?! She's only been here for like 3 hours and you ask that?!" Harry shouts at me 

"Harry! Stop it and I kinda fancy someone here but I wont tell you so can I please change it to dare" Nicole tells Harry

Harry finally calmed down. But who does she like? I wan't to know now! So were thinking of a nice dare and I know now and Niall should thank me for this 

"I dare you to kiss Niall!"



"Oh My God Louis?!"

"Did you even hear Harry?! She has only been here for 3 hours and you dare her to kiss me?!"

"Niall! Shut up!, I'll do it to make Louis stop already! Harry won't be mad right?" she looked at Harry and he nodded 

So I crashed my lips on hers and she kissed back. Our lips were in sync Fireworks everywhere this was the best kiss



I agreed to kiss Niall to make Louis stop already not that I hate him it's that if I say no he might make make me do something worse so when Harry agreed Niall  crashed his lips on mine our lips were like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. Fireworks were going on. Sparks. I pulled back  so we went back to the circle and I for the first time was blushing. So maybe Niall was the one I fancy.

"So was that first kiss good?" Harry asked me . Yeah I totally forgot that.Niall was my first kiss

"Uhhh maybe?" I covered my face to cover my blushing

 "Aww somebody is blushing"  Liam said.

"Stop  embarrassing me!" I said playfully 

"Don't worry mummy  is here now" Louis or should I say mummy 

"Mummy they're embarrassing me!" I say in a baby voice

"Don't worry we're going to get rid of those baboons"

Now there's where we all laugh 



Okay now I hate myself if I knew that was going to be her first kiss I would've dared  something else I wanted to be her first kiss. Soo I decided to join them with their joking and she's so cute with her baby voice. Finally I got to use the word baboons I've been waiting so long to use that word but I can't find the right time. I'm sure that Nicole will be mine I'll do everything.



 I might have over reacted earlier it's because that maybe Nicole doesn't want to kiss me. I don't want to force her into it . Surprisingly she agreed. I have to than Louis later and to believe that he called us baboons. So I guess that  was his favorite word.





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