Life after death

Can you see ghosts? If so you share a talent many hold. And when Trixie Penleton finds out she has this special talent she neglects who she really is. Hiding the truth is not easy especially when the truth is so unbelievable you don't believe it yourself.

Trixie is special.Trixie is different. But Trixie doesn't want to be special, she doesn't want to be different. She wants to be normal something which for her is impossible.


2. Greetings



Trixie opened the door ready to see a load of people staring at her but no, it was just her and two other girls.
"Hi, I'm Trixie"

"I'm Katrina" A tall girl with dark blond hair said.

"And I'm Lily" A petite girl with brownish-reddish hair said.

"Hi" They chorused. After that there was an awkward silence. Trixie looked around and saw there were four beds

“Which bed is mine?” Trixie said to break the silence.

“The one in the left corner, you can have the drawers as well. The information booklet is on the bedside table.”  Katrina said; pointing to the bed in the corner. Trixie walked over to the bed and dumped her bag on the bed.
“OK” Trixie awkwardly said.

“Trixie...what’s your talent?” Lily asked.

“I can... um.... see ghosts and talk to them?” Trixie’s voice went up an octave. “Yeah that’s right I can see um ghosts”

“Cool!” Lily said. “I can make people fall ‘in love’ and ‘out love’ it's kind of stupid"

“And I can hypnotise people” Katrina said. Trixie picked up the leaflet which the head was talking about. The rules looked strict, stricter than expected. Trixie quickly read the leaflet.

“So what do you do at the weekend?” Trixie asked.

“Well we go to the student lounge, shopping on Saturdays, and occasionally we go to the library to study, but most of the time we go to the student lounge” Katrina said. “Do you want to go to the student lounge now?”

“Er OK, since there’s nothing else to do.” Trixie said.

Lily and Katrina walked out of the room and Trixie hurried after them. However, just as Trixie shut the door; there was a loud ear piercing ring that echoed in the corridor. Trixie-confused, Lily-anxious and Katrina-petrified. The three girls froze in their step.

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