Life after death

Can you see ghosts? If so you share a talent many hold. And when Trixie Penleton finds out she has this special talent she neglects who she really is. Hiding the truth is not easy especially when the truth is so unbelievable you don't believe it yourself.

Trixie is special.Trixie is different. But Trixie doesn't want to be special, she doesn't want to be different. She wants to be normal something which for her is impossible.


1. Dreaming



"Ahhh” Trixie screamed. She had the dream again. The dream about her being able to talk to those who are not real. But that’s not possible. It isn’t. However, something made Trixie think it was possible. Apparently her grandfather could talk to his past relatives and no one else. People thought he was crazy, so he was sent to a mental home. Trixie didn't want an ending like that. But she couldn't confirm that she was 'crazy' as such, so she might as well not out a label like that on herself.

She picked up her laptop and searched ‘Specialists Academy’, not the best thing to search but she thought she could get an answer out of it."The academy is for those with talents, it is open to those who have a unique ability which not many people have" Trixie read aloud to herself. 

"Don't deny it" A voice said. The person was old and frail; Trixie got this from the tone and texture of the sound. "You’re special"

Trixie turned around and saw a translucent figure standing by the door.

"Ahhhhhhhh" Trixie screamed again. It was her mother, her dead mother. Trixie’s parents died in a car crash and she lives with her aunt."I'm going mad" Trixie shouted "I'm going mad!".

"You’re not; you have the talent that your grandfather had." 

Trixie, lost in her thoughts, walked over to her mother and waved her hand through her body. It went through. Trixie froze. Then pinched herself. It was real she wasn't dreaming she could really see her dead mother and her dead mother was really there."What? So you’re saying I need to go to the academy and what will happen? I'll meet more mad people?" Trixie asked.

"Yes and no. If you go you will meet people who will understand who you are." Her mother replied.

"How am I going to get there? I can't go up to Auntie Liz and say 'I want to go to a school for special people' can I?" Trixie said.

"You can, she'll understand" Her mother said. 

The sound of footsteps drew nearer."Trixie are you alright it sounds like you’re talking to someone." Auntie Liz said before opening the door. Trixie turned around her aunt was behind her, and her mother disappeared. Speechless, what could Trixie say 'I was talking to my invisible mum' she would she was bonkers. 

"Errrr, nothing, nothing much" Trixie came up with.

"But you were talking to someone" Auntie Liz said. She was onto Trixie what could she say. Yes, no, maybe?

"Err" Trixie felt her stomach churn, she bit her lip."I want to go to a school for special people, please?" An awkward look appeared on her aunt’s face.

"Sure I'll contact them tomorrow, now go to bed it's 3 in the morning." Her aunt soon left and as she did so she sighed in happiness.


The next day her aunt did what she said, she called the academy. And she is to go as in an hour. 

An hour later she's there, and by the look of it there is a lot more people there than she thought there would be. What looked like the head mistress walked towards Trixie and introduced herself. Seconds later Trixie's aunt left leaving her there. "I'll show you to your dormitory, and that's where you will stay. There should be a planner there and you should meet your room mates. OK" The Head mistress looked at her notepad."You are Trixie Penleton and you will be staying in room 675 on the third floor" Since she'd stopped talking Trixie took that as her finished talking, so she walked to the lift, and tapped on the button labelled 3. 



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