Because of you

Because of you I changed my life. Because of you I'm not the same girl who had big dreams. It was just a dare that changed into a new life that I don't want. I don't think so. Because of you I have been self conscious of myself. Fans hate me, even management does. And don't let me forget, Harry hates me. All because of you but half of me likes this, the other half wants to run away back to college. I never thought a dare could change my world around.
Because of you............


4. Lets see how this goes

Liam's POV

We arrived to the club that Mackenzie told me to go. I turned off the car and looked at Mackenzie. She looked like some killer was going to kill her.

"You alright?"

"Whatever happens, don't let anybody else lay a finger on me. And stay by my side no matter what."

I nodded my head. I would never do that to her. I got out of the car and went on her side. I opened the door and let her out. I held her hand really tight and held her close. I wasn't going to let anything happen to her. We entered the club. At first she jumped into my arms and got all tense. And I got confused but my question was no longer needed.

"Hey Mackenzie. It seems as if you don't want me anymore and that you had picked up some celebrity to cover up your shame baby doll."

"Don't call me baby doll." She said to him. I knew something happened between them and that he was the reason that she was scared.

"I think you should leave us alone and go find another girl to screw off." I spat at this disgusting man.

He chuckled.

"Do you really want to get on my bad side?" He said and got closer to me.

"It would be best if you just left the girl and get your rich ass out of here before I kick the shit out of it." He said to me.

"Now there is no need to cuss." I said while a sly smile appeared on my face. I knew that I was getting this man upset by not giving him what he wants.

"You really are a toughy. Lets take this outside shall we."

"I rather not. I don't want to bruise my knuckles and ruin this date with Mackenzie. Would I?"

"You scared."

"Nope." I said while popping the p. This man was really annoying me.

He just wouldn't stop talking. Mackenzie looked up at me before she got out of my tight grip. She looked at this man and smiled before she did something that I could not stop laughing about. She just simply lifted her leg and "accidentally" hit him in the balls. I just started cracking up with the actions he did and she did. He fell on the floor and moaned.

"Lets go over there." She said and pointed at a table. I nodded my head while I still laughed a little.

We sat at the booth and she really did look like she accomplished something and she did. With just one forceful kick.

"Lets dance." I said to Mackenzie who seemed to get bored. She nodded her head and we went to the dance floor. And I couldn't lie, she really knew how to move. She moved her hips to the beat and she certainly knew how to dirty dance. She turned me on so much but like i said. I cared about her and I didn't want to do something she didn't want to. Like taking her virginity without her wanting it gone. When she's ready, she will do it. Maybe with me or maybe someone else. We will just see how this goes.

"I need a drink." She said over the loud music. I nodded my head and we went to the bar.
"I'll have a bastard on the beach." She said. It's a weird name for a drink but like I said I don't drink so I have no idea what this is.

And little did I know that Bastard on the beach consisted of four drinks. The suffering bastard, the dying bastard, the dead bastard, and Mai tai. Meaning in heaven. The bartender hesitantly gave her the drink and gave me a warning glare. She gulped all four glasses down like it was nothing. And the biggest mistake I did was letting her drink them. She was really drunk and I could tell by looking at her eyes. They were dark and full of complete lust. And what I promised her, I stood by her side. She managed to walk over to the booth but right before she sat down, she tripped. And me being fast, I caught her.

"You okay?"

"Am I in heaven?" She asked while poking my cheek. I laughed at how Mackenzie acted at this point but went by her aid and sat her down at the booth. She rested her head on my shoulder and just relaxed.

"Will you take me to your place. It's boring." She said and pouted like a little girl. I laughed and helped her out of the booth. I had to carry her out in bridal style so she wouldn't hurt herself. She was to drunk to walk and it was my fault on letting her drink something that the bartender even warned me about.

I buckled her into the seatbelt and started my way back to my house. And no matter what, I will not take this beautiful girls virginity away while she is drunk. She probably doesn't even realize what's going on.
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