Because of you

Because of you I changed my life. Because of you I'm not the same girl who had big dreams. It was just a dare that changed into a new life that I don't want. I don't think so. Because of you I have been self conscious of myself. Fans hate me, even management does. And don't let me forget, Harry hates me. All because of you but half of me likes this, the other half wants to run away back to college. I never thought a dare could change my world around.
Because of you............


7. Authors note (soooo sorry)

Hey guys! I know I haven't updated in forever and I am sooooo sorry. I have just been so busy and just kinda hit that rough spot in life. I just wanted to say that I will finish Broken first before I finish my other ones since I am more into this one than all the other ones. I apologize again because I truly am sorry that I haven't update in so long but I will get back on track. Promise. After I finish this one I MIGHT put a sequel, it depends but after this one i probably will continue on my other fanfictions that are up. Like "Love has endings", "Take you", "Because of you", and "Doesn't last forever". I am so sorry again. Love you guys a lot and thankful for you guys to read my writing. Stay beautiful my lovelys!

-Jenn xxx

And if you would like to contact me, my email is

My instagram is: @girl_inlove7

Twitter: jenn_tomlinson1

Love you lots!!!! :*

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