Because of you

Because of you I changed my life. Because of you I'm not the same girl who had big dreams. It was just a dare that changed into a new life that I don't want. I don't think so. Because of you I have been self conscious of myself. Fans hate me, even management does. And don't let me forget, Harry hates me. All because of you but half of me likes this, the other half wants to run away back to college. I never thought a dare could change my world around.
Because of you............


1. The dare to the end.....

Let me introduce myself to you. I am Mackenzie and I am a college student. I have long brown hair that is a bit wavy. I have brown eyes and a petite figure. I love my life but it changes from a dare. One little and stupid dare. It changed everything. Now I'm going to tell you my story. From the dare to the end.

"I dare you to............... walk over to that boy and make him take you home." Said my idiotic friend Kate.
"Okay fine. Lets also make a bet that I will lose my v card with that hot piece of ass." I said while looking at him.
"Okay. I bet you won't. I think you will chicken out like you did to Mark."
"I won't this time." I said while taking a sip of my mango smoothie.
"I don't think this is a good idea." Krissy said. Krissy is my other best friend who is a total slut but when it comes to me, she worries. She always tells me that she ruined her life and doesn't want me to ruin mine.
"It's fine Krissy. It's only one night with him. It's not like I am going to fall in love. Anyway I don't fall in love that easily."
"But your losing your virginity a bit to early." I started laughing at that comment.
"You lost yours at 16. And I am 18 now. I think I can handle it once."
"Fine. But be careful. Don't hurt yourself."
"I won't." I gave them both a wink and made my way to him.

"Hi. I can't seem to find the Starbucks. Do you have any chance on where it is?" I said to the hot boy standing in front of me.
"Um that's actually what I'm looking for." He said with a short laugh after.
"Then lets look together. If you don't mind."
"No I have no problem."
"Awesome! I think it was over by the Harrod." I said. I knew where the Starbucks was and I knew it wasn't close to Harrod at all. I wanted to give me a chance to know the guy I was going to sleep with better.
"Okay. Well lets get going then." He said. We both walked out and I finally had the courage to ask some questions.
"So what's your name?" I asked.
"Liam. Liam Payne. And you?"
"Mackenzie. Mackenzie Starr."
"Nice to meet you." He said.
"Nice to meet you too." We passed by Harrod and we both stopped and looked around the area. And I knew it wasn't here and I was right. It wasn't.
"I guess it's not here." I said.
I walked over to where the mall map stood and looked around on it. I needed to take him home soon or I might just blow my chance up. I felt a presence walk behind me and I felt a tall figure stand over me.
"I found it." He said while pointing to it.
"Okay perfect. I know exactly where it is." I said while walking toward the food court way.
"What brings you to London? I can tell your not from the UK."
"Well I'm not from here. I'm a college student and we have vacation all summer and some friends and I decided to come here since my mom was born here and spent all her childhood here so i wanted to check this place out and I'm from Texas."
"So your a cowgirl?"
"Haha very funny. I am actually a city girl."
"City girl? Hmm that explains why you know your shops and directions?" Liam said with a sarcastic tone.
"Well it isn't my fault that I have only been here twice." I actually memorized where the shops and stuff where on the second visit I came here. It doesn't shock me since I know my malls.
He laughed and I laughed a little with him.
"Well here it is. Thanks to me." He said while taking a bow. I laughed at his joke he made. He opened the door and I gladly walked into the almost deserted coffee shop.
"Do mind a drink with me?"
"No I don't. That would be awesome." I said. We walked up to the cash register and I already knew what I wanted. I am obsessed with iced coffee so that's what I ordered. He ordered a regular coffee and we sat down and waited for our coffees.
"Tell me more about yourself." Liam said. I started off with the basics.
"I am 18. Just got here last week. And I'm from Texas. That's mostly all there is to me. I am a bit boring to talk to."
"No your not. Well I'm 19 and obviously from England. And have been here for a year now. I live here with my mates. I'm in a band called One Direction."
That's when my memory snapped. I know this hot guy. My sister loves there band and is obsessed with them. And her favorite is Liam. Wow.
"Oh. Wow. I know you guys. My little sister loves you guys. I just haven't put thought to that."
"A thought that you were on a coffee date with a sexy guy." He said with a wink.
"Oh so I'm on a coffee date? Sounds exciting." I said while putting sarcasm in my voice.
"What about the sexy guy part." He said with a wink.
"Well your telling the truth Mr. Payne." I said. I needed to get my game on. I must win this bet and finish this dare.
"Has anyone ever called you that your so beautiful? Because I'm telling it to you know." I blushed.
"Says the guy who is sexy." That's when our coffees came.
"Thank you." I said to the waitress. She nodded her head and left. That's when everything took a big u turn.

We left Starbucks and Liam offered if I wanted to come over and we talk some more. Of course I had accepted. I have to sleep with him. No matter what. We both got into his black BMW and started our ways to his house. I was actually scared. This happened to me every time I was getting ready to do it. I was just afraid that I would hurt myself badly.

I guess this is it. Goodbye to my virginity.
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