Spread Your Wings and Fly.

Janie is a girl, a girl different from others, scarred inside and out, beaten with atrocious memories engraved into her heart and soul


1. Remembering

I sat back and thought,thought of those sweaty summer days with the birds tweeting above us playing football, running races. My piano recitals with the standing ovations and my parents applauding proudly in the audience, but, then I remembered those days stuck inside watching my parents squabble over nothing with my sister Leanne and my brother Harry, who are twins. We knew we had to put an end to it before it got worse, I, being the oldest, just wanted to spread my wings and fly, fly away from this madness, into the sky never to be found but I knew, I had years of agony and misery still to come.  3 Years passed, and the fighting gradually turned physical, I was about to turn 16 and I discovered that my parents had filed a divorce two months ago without even consulting their own children, things were not like before....

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