Styled (A One Direction Love Story)

This is the story of how Marina Grande's life changes via Harry Styles. Before she met him, she was just a half French, half English girl with a life to live. She knew it was impossible she was going to meet 1D. But then she did. And her life changed. For good.


1. The Start Of A Story

Marina's POV

"Marina! Today's a big day! Sweep!" Mum yells, pushing me against the wall. "Just sweep!" She yells, blatantly panicked.

"OK, OK!" I sigh, pulling the broom towards me. Sweeping is somewhat like ballet; you have to get the moves right. I pull the broom around hastily. Left, right, turn it all about. 

"I'm never gonna meet them unless I keep working," I whisper to myself. "Need money for concert."

"Darling, don't be so stressed. Just sweep! It's a simple task, nothing to be stressed about." Mum groans, rolling her eyes.

"OK, OK." I say, more to myself than to her. "Come on." I tell myself.

Harry's POV

"No, we're not stopping in that café Niall!" I yell for the last time. "N-o spells no!"

"Just for five minutes, pleaseeee!" He cries, pleadingly. 

"Fine," I give in, opening the door to the café. A girl about my age is sweeping, an older woman yelling at her. 

"Oh, customers." The woman says, looking up to me. She almost faints when she sees us. "Marina," she pulls the younger girl up. "Serve these customers." 

Marina looks up, and when she realizes who we are smiles. "How can I help you today?" She asks, looking around. "Of course, you need a table!" She escorts me and Niall to a table for two.

"We'd like 2 chocolate muffins please." I say, before knocking drooling Niall back a bit. "He wants everything. Ignore his rude drooling love," I grin, kicking Niall under the table.

"What the-"

"Shut up." I tell him. Marina rushes off to grab 2 muffins. I see the sparkle of her long black hair as she rushes off. I think this is the start of a story. I don't care how the story goes, as long as Marina's the main character. 

She rushes back with 2 muffins in her hands. "Here," she passes them over. 

"Thanks," I grin sheepishly. I think I'm in love; but with her beauty she's probably taken.

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