Styled (A One Direction Love Story)

This is the story of how Marina Grande's life changes via Harry Styles. Before she met him, she was just a half French, half English girl with a life to live. She knew it was impossible she was going to meet 1D. But then she did. And her life changed. For good.


5. Liam's Rage

Liam's POV

"Let's stop off at a café." Niall suggests. Usually I'd say no but I am pretty starving.

"Agreed," I nod.

"Yep." Louis smiles.

"KK!" Zayn grins.

"Sure." Harry laughs. Marina just shrugs and nods. He seems to look to Marina as if he feels something for her so, my instincts react.

I grasp his wrist, pull it behind his back and kick his leg. "What the hell man?!" He yells, obviously angered.

Harry's POV

Why did Liam just beat me up?! That's so out of character. Maybe he's jealous that me and Marina have a 'thing'.

I decide, instead of fighting back, I'm going to really see if he is jealous.

I pull Marina back and press my lips back. For a while she seems to enjoy it, embrace it but then she pulls away.

"Harry?" She asks. "Why did you do that?"

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