Styled (A One Direction Love Story)

This is the story of how Marina Grande's life changes via Harry Styles. Before she met him, she was just a half French, half English girl with a life to live. She knew it was impossible she was going to meet 1D. But then she did. And her life changed. For good.


2. Free Of Charge

Marina's POV

He looks at me, happily. Harry Styles is actually smiling at me. "Marina," he smiles.

"How do you know my name?" I ask, shocked.

"Your mum said it. Marina. What's the name of your boyfriend? Because he's a lucky guy." Harry asks, grinning towards me.

"Uh... I don't have a boyfriend," I awkwardly state.

"Really!? Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Harry asks.

"No..." I try to forget the one boyfriend I did have. "I've never had a true boyfriend." Tears circle round my eyes and mum gives me a napkin.

"Marina once had a boyfriend but he abused her," mum explains quietly to them. I still hear.

"Oh. We won't mention that jerk." Harry says to her.

"I want more to eat!" Niall complains.

"No fathead!" Harry yells at him. Niall stamps his foot, looking down. 

"Marina," Harry whispers. "What's your phone number?"

Harry's POV

I asked her the question which points out I fancy her. Why did I just do that? But it's out now.

"My phone number is-" she slips me a card, "on that." 

"Thanks. I'll call you!" I smile.

"Really?" She asks. She looks pale. 

"Are you alright love?"
"Fine," she grins, getting me and Niall another muffin each. "Free of charge."

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