Styled (A One Direction Love Story)

This is the story of how Marina Grande's life changes via Harry Styles. Before she met him, she was just a half French, half English girl with a life to live. She knew it was impossible she was going to meet 1D. But then she did. And her life changed. For good.


3. A phone call

Marina's POV

"Mum!" I scream, finally acting more like I felt and not acting cool. "He asked me for my phone number! I'm in heaven!" I run around.

"It's still a big day darl. Get sweeping. They're here soon." She tells me. I sweep constantly, just thinking about those curls; the curls; his curls.

Suddenly the door flings open. "Denise." A sharp voice groans.

"You're here. Shoo Marina, go upstairs!" Mum yells at me, sweeping me away. I hear her voice, scared, talking to the inspector. 

My phone beeps. I pick it up. "Hello?" I ask.
"Hey love," his voice, his rich voice.

"H-H-Harry?" My heart beats faster than a leopard.

"Yep." He speaks confidently. "So I guess I should return my phone number." He tells me his phone number and I jot it down.

"I'll put it in my phone later!" I squeak. The Harry Styles gave me HIS phone number. Wow.

"That's great. Me and Niall told the rest of the lads about you and they want to meet you at the park," Harry explains.

"Can I go now? I have nothing to do and there is a-"

"Absolutely!" Harry replies. 

"See you there," I grin, almost going mad but waiting until he ends the phone call. "I'm going out mum!" I yell.  I grab my jacket and rush out the door. Me and Harry Styles- meeting up.

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