Meet me in Paris

Alexandra Hills is the worlds most famous celebrity. There isnt a person who hasnt heard her name. Red carpets, premiere parties and huge sold out arenas has become her life. She's a singer, and her latest albums and singles has reached number 1 at almost every list in the world. Her life is going great, and she has everything she wishes for. But what happens to Ali when she meets the charming Harry Styles from the world famous band One Direction at holiday?


3. The day before the concert

I woke up, and panicked. Where was I? I sat up to quick and fell out of bed. I hit the floor, and rubbed the side of my head. "Auch." I said to myself. I looked around, and realized where I was. I always did this, I had been doing it since I was a child. If I didnt sleep at home, I would wake up and panic, cause i had absolutely no idea where I was. Then I would get up to quickly, and most likely fall out of bed beacause I got so dizzy.
I took some clothes from my bag, and went to the bathroom. I washed my face and started putting on some light makeup, because I knew I would be styled later today before the concert anyway. I heard a knock on the door, and someone locked themselves in. "I'm in the bathroom Lisa!" And within 5 seconds she was standing in the bathroom door. "I just arranged an interview for you today before the concert." "With who?" I asked while putting on mascara. "Some norwegian magazine." She said, looking down at her phone. "Oh Lisa, seriously!? Thank you so much!" Lisa just smiled. She knew how much I loved being interviewed by norwegian magazine's, tv shows or whatever. The best part was that I could talk norwegian with them, and after the interview I would always ask them what was happening back home.

Later that day, I sat in a chair next to my window wall in my hotelroom, and waited for the interviewer. I heard a knock on the door, and went to open. Outside stood a pretty girl, maybe about 25, with blonde long hair and a big smile. (The conversation is in norwegian, but I write it in english.)""Hi!" I said, and she said the same, and we hugged. Then we shook hands. "My name is Sara." she said. "Alexandra, but call me Ali." I said and smiled to her. We sat down in front of the big window, and she started asking me some questions. The interview went well, and it was mostly questions like; "are you single" "do you have someone special on your mind?" "someone you think is hot?" "do you miss home?" "how has your life changed since you got famous?" but then she asked a weird question. "Someone who is really hot right now, is the boyband One Direction, have you heard of them?" I laughed a little. "Yes, I have heard of them. But unfortunatly I haven't met them yet!" "Oh, really? I'm hearing they are here in Paris right now, you see." "Oh, okay, maybe I'll bump into them then, haha."


Harry's POV

We arrived at our hotel last night, and I woke up early this morning. I stretched, and found Niall and Zayn in the two other bedrooms that was in our suite, sleeping. Liam and Louis had a smaller suite next to ours. I didnt really know what to do, so I decided to watch some TV. I laid down in bed again, and turned on the TV. The first show i got to, was some gossip things about celebrities. I decided to watch it, I didn't really have anything else to do. The girl who stood there, was blonde and had too much makeup on. Suddenly, two pictures turned up on the screen, and the girl started talking. The firstt photo showed a girl, I knew who she was. Alexandra Hills. She was super famous, and everyone seemed to love her. Not weird though, she was really pretty. But the second picture was weird. It was a photo of us, me and the boys. Then I heard the girl say: "Both these superstars are in the city of love right now, for their last concerts and interviwevs before christmas break. Maybe there will be something between the superstars? Who knows? Stay here, for the latest celebrity news." Then they cut to something else. I sat there with a confused look on my face. Did she just say that there might be something between One Direction and Alexandra Hills? I shrugged and continued watching something else. Those shows always came up with something weird anyway.


Sorry for the late update, guys! It will get better, I promise!


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