Meet me in Paris

Alexandra Hills is the worlds most famous celebrity. There isnt a person who hasnt heard her name. Red carpets, premiere parties and huge sold out arenas has become her life. She's a singer, and her latest albums and singles has reached number 1 at almost every list in the world. Her life is going great, and she has everything she wishes for. But what happens to Ali when she meets the charming Harry Styles from the world famous band One Direction at holiday?


2. Hello Paris!

Harrys POV

I looked at Liam, Louis and Zayn saying goodbye to their girlfriends at the airport, and sighed. Niall patted my shoulder and said: "I know how it feels, lad." I didn't answer, just picked my bag up and headed towards the security control. "Hey, wait up!" I heard Niall behind me. I waited for him, and soon we were through the control and waited for the time when we could go on the plane. The others were right behind us, and when they were done with security control they came over to me and Niall. Louis sat next to me. I didn't look at him, i just looked down. I could feel that he was about to say something, but just then they called out that our plane was ready, and i got up as fast as i could.

We fastened our seatbelts and the plane took off. I looked out the window. Leaving home.. Again.. But luckily this was the last trip we would do this year, before we could go home and spend christmas with our families. I sighed a little, and closed my eyes. When we were finally up in the air, we could take our seatbelts off. Louis nudged me from the side. I turned to him a little irritated. "Hey, is everything okay?" he had a concerned look on his face. I shrugged and said "Yeah." Then i plugged in my earphones and looked out the window.

Ali's POV

Flashing lights from cameras was the first that met me when I walked off the plane and trough the airport. I was in a good mood today, so I smiled at some of them, but I was glad when Lisa had pulled me through the airport and into the car that waited for us. I sat down and smiled at Lisa. "What?" she said. "We're in Paaaaaris!" I squeeled and looked through the window. "You've been here before." she said. "But I love it just as much everytime!" I said, I was so excited.
When we stepped out of the car we were infront of a big hotel. "We haven't stayed here before." I said to Lisa. "I know, but this one is closer to the concert hall." "Oh." We were interrupted by a small group of girls screaming and running towards us. "Oh my gad, Ali! Can you please sign this!?" "Of course." I smiled and signed her piece of paper. "Can i take a photo too?" "Of course." I took pictures with all the girls and signed their papers, faces, arms, and whatever they put infront of me. "Thank you so much Ali, I love you!" they screamed as Lisa pulled me towards the door. "I love you too!" I screamed back, then Lisa closed the doors. "Why do you always do that?" I said irritated. "To protect you." "Oh, so you thought that those sweet girls out there would hurt me in any kind of way? Anyway, I need to sleep, Where's my room?" She told me the directions and gave me the key, and I headed upstairs.

My room was huge. It took a minute to take it all in. I found a king size bed in one of the corners, right next to a big window. There was also a big TV, which i could turn in any direction I wanted, so that i could watch TV both in bed and on the couch. There were two couches in a small pit in the middle of the room, and then there was a door into the bathroom, which had two bathtubs, a shower, a toilet and two huge sinks. I started with putting my toilet bag on the sink, and then i putted my pyjamas on and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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