Meet me in Paris

Alexandra Hills is the worlds most famous celebrity. There isnt a person who hasnt heard her name. Red carpets, premiere parties and huge sold out arenas has become her life. She's a singer, and her latest albums and singles has reached number 1 at almost every list in the world. Her life is going great, and she has everything she wishes for. But what happens to Ali when she meets the charming Harry Styles from the world famous band One Direction at holiday?


1. A hectic life

I was rushing around in my house, trying to find out where i had put my sneakers. I ran past my manager, Lisa, who stood in the hallway, waiting for me and looking at her clock every other second. "Ali! You're gonna miss your flight!" she yelled at me as i ran past her and into the living room. I stopped in the middle and tried to remember where i had put them. I quickly looked behind the couch, and smiled in relief. I took my sneakers with me and ran back to Lisa. I quickly putted them on, grabbed my suitcase, and went outside, to the car wating for us.

"What took you so long?" Lisa said while putting on some lipstick. "I couldnt find my sneakers." She looked at me with the ohmygad-are-you-serious-you-fucking-dumbass look, and shook her head. "Kids these days." she mumbled to herself. "Kids!?" i practically yelled up in her face. "Just a friendly reminder that I'm eighteen in just a couple of months, and NOT a kid anymore." "Alright, TEENS these days." she said, following with an evil laugh. I rolled my eyes and playfully hit her. Me and Lisa would have these "fights" often. There was just the two of us when i was out touring, and we had to cope with that. I would miss my family a lot when i was out touring, and i had moved for myself even though i was only seventeen. It would be easier for me to live in London, because of the concerts and touring, it would be a little difficult to live with the rest of my family in Norway. We were on our way to Paris, for my last concert this year. I was gonna sing some christmas songs and some songs from my newest album, and after that i was done. I smiled with the thought. Dont misunderstand me, I loved performing and my fans was really amazing. It was just that i had been working hard this year, and I was really looking forward to taking a little early christmas vacation in Paris, and then go home to Norway and celebrate christmas there.

As the plane took off a couple of hours later, i leaned my head against the little window and closed my eyes. I suddenly realized how tired I was, and not long after, i fell asleep.


Authors Note!
Hope you like my fanfic, I know its not that good now in the beginning, but it will get better, i promise!

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