The Land of the Free

In the 1900's America was known as the land of the free, but was it really so forgiving to any citizen? This poem compares Martin Luther King and peaceful protests, to Malcom X and more violent ways of communicating his dismay. What would be the fate for American black civil rights?...


1. Martin Luther King jr.

Long time ago, in the Land of the Free

There were many black people who wanted to flee

For civil rights were non-existant back then -

Black skin brought sin, according to most Southern men.


'I have a dream' - the speech that greeted many ears

Brought hope and belief; laughter and tears.

The Washington March with 250,000 citizens

Led by Martin Luther King - by dreams he was driven.


Born in Georgia, graduating with a degree

He became a vicar, but with politicians he did not agree

So he moved away to the town of Montgomary

To peacefully protest and show the others they weren't so supreme!


First came the bus boycott with Rosa Parks

Where blacks sat in white seats, joining the lights and the darks

Police came flooding, armed with machine guns

And in a dark and dingy prison cell, Parks and King were shunned.


Next, in Birmingham was the children's crusade

Where fire hoses were brandished, and at kids they were sprayed

Dogs barked and protested with a jump and a bite

But on the kids marched, not a tear in their sight.


Last was a speech, in memory of his acheivements and glory

Telling of how heaven is really not just a story.

On a motel balcony, King was shot the very next day

But his legacy lives on - motivational to today.

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