The Land of the Free

In the 1900's America was known as the land of the free, but was it really so forgiving to any citizen? This poem compares Martin Luther King and peaceful protests, to Malcom X and more violent ways of communicating his dismay. What would be the fate for American black civil rights?...


2. Malcom X

'You are beautiful just as you are

No blemish is ugly, not even a scar

Our thoughts are great and our minds are free

So use it to your advantage; make the whites see.'


Born in Nebraska, to a middle class family

Malcom Little was the target of all racist tragedy

His home was burnt down, leaving his young Dad dead

But Little didn't let it burden him - clear was his head.


Put in an orphanage, his hopes stripped bare

Malcom still studied hard - to drop intelligence he did not dare

An aspiring lawyer he soon became

But his dreams were quickly crushed, put deeply to shame.


Deciding his slave ancestors deserved much more

And should have kept the surname that they had before

Malcom Little was soon a name of the past

'X' was the new horizon - dreams of rights in his grasp.


Many a speech did he deliver, not ever in vain

But also not in peace, driving his white rivals insane

Controversy was stirred in the faith of Islam

X's followers were now a new and stronger clan.


But after telling people they were not good enough

Some started to rebel - the challenge of black unison was tough!

Late in the day, as reporters would soon find

Malcom X was shot down by one of his own kind.

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