Niall Horan Fan Fic


1. Prologue

My bestfriend is Irish. But to be fair, so am I. I have Blonde hair with pink bits, and people tease me about it. So before you judge my appearence, just take it in that Im not a fashion guru. I'm just plain. My favourite outfit is my pink heart hair clip in my fringe, my grey long sleeve shirt, and my short pink skirt that has a scottish patteren.My BFF and I live in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. When when were five we thought it was westmeat because we love food. Then, I moved to London. It's pretty neat, though, I got teased about my accent. Your probably wondering who my bestfriend was; Niall Horan. When I moved to London, I'm pretty sure he forgot about me. I forgot about him until once, I was watching xfactor and they were in Dublin. Niall walked in and started talking to Katy Perry like he was cooler than her. He was never a people person. I tried to get him to audition once in 2009, he was only 15 though. They might have let him but he was too nervous. I did have a teeny crush on him. But the he became famous with some strangers who he calls 'the lads' and once I texted him, he must've deleted my number, cos' he replied,

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