Falling for darkness.

Harry knew he and Reagan were meant to be from the moment she began to breath air. Banished from the heavens, Harry takes it upon himself to convince Reagan of their undying love for each other which she has no idea about. But the arch angels have other plans for these two. Through their manipulation and mind games, are the arch angels able to destroy a potential sparking love or will Harry prevail to win over the one true love in his life?


1. The flight.

My legs were going to collapse from underneath me and I was going to die, the best thing I could do was keep running. Although my long legs were made for athletics, kind of like an elegant gazelle, the thing that was now hunting me seemed to be closing in. No matter how hard I ran or how determined I told myself I was, it was going to get to me eventually, it was going to catch me and consume me. I fought the temptation of catching my breath many times, running into a darkness that was almost intimidating. The footsteps of my of pursuer however, we distinctively impossible to hear, whereas my feet pounded into the ground making me an open target to all. The identity of the mysterious predator remained anonymous to me from the moment I woke in the middle of the forest, scared and overly consumed by this creeping confusion that was taking over my mind.
My dazy self sat upright, entwined with the roots of a large tree that towered over my head, and I felt the dampness soak through my many layers of clothing. To tell the truth, I was intrigued, as well as being frightened because through the gaps in the roof of tree leaves and branches, shone through rays of sun that made the forest feel warm and comforting, and overall welcoming to strangers. I stood perfectly still and reached for a nearby flower that was covered with an intricate patterns of purple and pink swirls, and my focus centered around the array of grey, white and black designs on the wings of a butterfly peacefully perched upon the flowers surface, filled with complete and utter serenity. The atmosphere that had surrounded my body told me there was no sign of fear or any reason to feel threatened, but this feeling didn't last long and was replaced with worry. A dark figure that was cloaked beneath black drapes emerged from behind a moss covered tree, and stood staring at me from the distance. The features weren't defined, and the closer I looked, the more confused I got. We stood in still silence for what seemed like eternity, until the stranger broke it with moving his foot slightly forward, but this was an instant mistake. It was as though a storm was in synchronization with the strangers body movements because the closer he edged towards myself, the darker the forest became and the heavy the rain started to pour. Whispers then filled my mind, lightly tickling my ears with "dangerous, bad, you must run fast" and because I knew no better, I did. This led me to where I am now.
The rain hit my face hard, and my soaked hair flung onto my skin, sticking and blocking my view from the path ahead which was already murky. It seemed like this chase would never end, and I didn't even know whether this stranger was dangerous, I never bothered to stop and ask, but I couldn't stop now. I had to save myself, because no one else would. As soon as the thought of this path having a never ending limit to it's distance, the first became less dense and my eyes could focus more clearly on the clearing ahead. However, this indeed turned out to be bad, because as I approached this clearing, it became clear that the clearing stopped, at the end, was a cliff. I stopped myself immediately, refusing to let my body fly over the edge to my predicted fate. I glared down the cliff side and noticed that below me, the most covered the prospect of a bottom, but to my knowledge I knew that the fall would stop somewhere, I wasn't prepared to find out though. In an instant panic I realised I forgot to check what was behind me, and forgot that fact that I was just in a high speed chase in which I was the victim. I slowly allowed my fragile body to turn around, awaiting the worst at the other side of the clearing but was greeted with the deep green eyes of my pursuer directly in front of me, so close I could feel his steamy breath. His gaze was alluring and his hands steadied my stumble backwards in shock, and we stood, for a moment captivated by each others' presence. Suddenly, snapping out of my daze, I realised this was most likely the strategic way his lured his victims to their deaths and eagerly, I pushed hard against his chest, surprisingly knocking the wind out of his body, sending him a few feet backwards. However, I'm the process of freeing myself, I launched my body backwards only to find my feet stepping on air, and then my body falling into the mist that hid my destruction. The mist cleared however, revealing my end, I closed my eyes, but when the ground approached, instead of hitting the hard surface of earth, I was flung out of my dream state and into the reality of my life.
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