The Touch

This is a short story about Harry and his Physiotherapist Natasha and how Natasha fakes the real woman she is.


1. The Touch


The Touch

''Don't touch me.'' Harry said in a disgustingly rude voice to his personal physiotherapist Natasha. ''I didn't mean to, the lotion is just SO dang slippery, oh, Harry... I sincerely apologize sweet pumpkin pai.'' (She had a slight Texas accent.''

He had alot of trust for Natasha, but Natasha was on her period and felt just a little naughty, so she slid her hand down the front of his towel, slightly touching his genitals. Framing the ''accident'' of how the lotion was slippery. Harry immediately grabbed his robe and covered his manly man nipples. Harry speed-walked out of the room, feeling disgusted. He flinged furiously onto his bed twitching his toes while he slowly shuts his eyes, eating out... That delicious  soft... Delightful, wet and tasty... piece of Hershey he saved for the morning, because Niall throughout all of the sweets, because Harry wouldn't help him find the Pot o' Gold chocolates. He found all of the other chocolates disgusting and unhealthy. Little did he know expensive chocolates can be unhealthy too. If Niall knew, evil Harry, saved that last bit of chocolate covered in skin oils, he would slap'a'hoe. After, Harry then snuggled up in his blankets. Falling asleep with the thought of Beyonce singing him the lullaby of ''Twinkle Star.''

''HAAAAAARRRYYYYYY!'' Niall screams! Harry wakes up immediately grabbing onto the collar on Niall's hoodie. ''WTF HOE WHAT DO YOU WANT!'' Niall replied in a devious voice ''YOU ATE CHOCOLATE! HERSHEY! I KNOW YOU DID!'' Harry could feel the light of day. ''How do you know! Okay shutup leprachaun.'' Niall replies, ''I SMELLED UR BREATHE, AND ON UR FINGERS THERE'S STICKY BROWN STUFF SMEERED ON UR FINGERS!'' Harry smirks. But notices it's shit. ''YOU LITTLE FUCKING CUNT WHY WOULD YOU SMELL MY BREAT-----'' He cut off because Niall would know it's shit by the stench of it. He then wiped his fingertips on the back of his pants, reaching back to grab the febreze and spraying it around him while laying in bed and rubbing some into his fingers. He then thought he shit himself, but he had a wet-dream because of Beyonce. He said to Niall, ''Niall. Okay i'm sorry but I did have some chocolate, just some, like 6 calories. I sincerely apologize, now gtfo.''

Niall then, got the fuck out, giving Natasha a odd look seeing her up to his door, listening with her ear up to it touching. Harry then slithered downwards out of his bed like a snake, doing those faces you do when you touch gross, slimy things. When he got up he could feel wetness, and he immediately ripped off his boxers and then of-course Natasha walks in, knowing that hes alone, and hearing the sound of him taking off his clothes, rustling.

''Ohhhhh my god, was like not expecting that.'' As she secretly lifts up the back of her shirt and backs up to one of his empty clothing rakes, purposely catching her whale-tail from her thong onto it. ''Natasha ur such a like rapist omfg like ew gtfo, btw my dicks not usually this small ugh im just slushy tonight k thx.'' Natasha then stepped forward but faked a ''Oooh!” While her thong pulls up her ass giving her a tight wedgie. Harry then had boxers on by then, and Natasha was on an 180 degree angle and needed help to get back up, or she'd land on her neck hurting herself. Harry then put his golf gloves on and pulled her thong up off of the rack. He was disgusted, seeing shit stains on the thong, and loose pubes that he accidentally pulled out. Harry then kicked her butt towards his door. ''Ur fired fag.'' Natasha replied, throwing her body down towards his feet, with his bulge in her face, please, please, please, she pecks her face towards his bulge like a hungry ass chicken hungry af because it got high and got the munchies. Harry then called his security, and the security randomly came out of his closet and threw Natasha out the window. They shut the window afterwards and then pulled up his zipper on his pants. ''I could've swore I done that up.. FUCKIN' NATASHA.'' The police then came because the security called 911, but after they said that they couldn't do anything because there's no proof. Harry then slapped his thigh randomly letting out a moan......

Later that night, Harry then feels his butt, scratching the zits that he got from stress on his ass. He turned on his television, it was the premiere of Family Guy, switch, than Mean Girls, switch, than Home Alone, OFF. He was home alone that night, the boys were out at the movies watching Ted. He though to himself, ''DAM MOFOS AINT TELL ME BOUT DIS SHIT?'' He heard a loud thump on his deck out from his residential room. He grabbed his AXE spray and furiously creep-walks to the deck door. Natasha was there, the shade of her obese body filled in the view of the trees. ''Mr.Styles, I want to touch you, in ways you can't imagine, she slurps the spit in her mouth making disgusting slurpy noises and a devious face. Harry's mouth made an 'o' shape as his green orbs stared in astonishment. ''NATASHA WTF ARE U DOIN HERE U RATCHET ASS HOE. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!!'' Harry shrieked. “No, Mr. Styles. Let me touCH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!'' Natasha screeched in delight as she flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth like a snake. It was only seconds before Natasha pounced into the room, sending Harry into a hissy fit, letting out girlish screams and running around the house, away from Natasha. “COME TO MOMMY!!!!!!!” Natasha said devilishly.. feeling the period blood shooting out of her vagina, ''chewchew.'' Harry dials 911 on his iPhone5 in fear. ''911, what is ur emergency?!'' '' THERE IS A FAT HULK IN MY HOUSE CALLED NATASHA, YOU GUYS DIDIN'T BELIEVE ME BEFORE SHES BEHIND ME TRYING TO RAPE ME OMG SHES GREASY AF AN HER THIRD ASS BE SMELLIN LIKE CHICKEN, ISWEAR!'' ''okay, we will be there in less than a minute.'' Harry childishly runs around the house singing ''Imma Survivor'' by Gloria Glaynor. In about 48 seconds the police smashed down his door, tackling and tazor that hoe Natasha. ''fuck shit bitch hoe suck my flabbery lumps of life and fucku styles!'' She then got hand-cuffed and the police just rushed out putting Natasha in prison for almost rape. They didn't care about court or anything like tht so yeah they didn't ask him bout the situation who cares y'know so. Natasha , erybody scared of her in prison cus she sits on someone and there head jus like blows with blood so yh she fuck the cafeteria up – she needed a custom jumpsuit because she was so obese. They needed to tape 7 tampons together to fit it in that loose trash. 


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