Falling In Love With Niall Horan.

A girl named Candy and her friend Caroline get backstage passes to the one direction concert. Hoping to get one of there phone numbers, there dreams came true......


1. Getting Good News.

Candy's P.O.V.


I hear a loud know on the door and I look at the clock and its only 9:35 AM. I get up out of bed and walk downstairs to the door, i grab the doorknob and open the door and there standing is my best friend Caroline. She Runs in and screams "I GOT BACKSTAGE PASSES TO ONE DIRECTION." while she was jumping around everywhere. "Really How?" I answered with a big grin. "A family member gave them to me." she said. "oh my god, that's so cool." I answered. "Well you must go get ready cause were leaving in 20 mins." she said to me.


I walked into my bedroom and picked out a cute red top and a black skirt with my black stilettos. I walked into the bathroom and put some makeup on then off we went. We got backstage there were guards everywhere, I was walking while texting and I bumped into someone I look up and it's Niall Horan. "Hey. Im Candy." I said while blushing the he said "Hi." We talked for a couple of minutes and he gave me his phone number. They got called to go on stage so Caroline and I walked towards eachother. It turns out that Caroline got Louis's phone number too.






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