I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

P.S I am looking for co authors for another book I'm writing If anyone is up for it kik me ASAP ( MIRRI13)


3. Zayn and Shania

Shanias POV: Zayn and I have been dating for almost 4 years now and I think he's happy with me and I am defiantly happy with him tonight Zayn and I are catching up with the lads and Eleanor and dani and we are gonna watch a movie play games and sleep over Zayn keeps telling me it's gonna be a night that I will never forget so I'm so exited he says he also got a surprise I really can't wait!! I shut the door to my apartment and left to Liam's flat witch was Huge I knocked on the door and I was the last one I said hi then sat next to Zayn he gave me a slight peck on the lips I asked him what my surprise is and all he said was " you won't find out till late late tonight" I was so exited Harry came in the room with pop corn and we watched the movie " Pitch Perfect" we all were laughing the whole time my favourite character was defiantly fat Amy by now it was midnight so I went and faced Zayn and said again what's the surprise and all he said was " just keep waiting" I said to everyone so now what do we do ?? And then you hear someone yell Truth or dare !!! Louis stop screaming Liam said we all burst end out laughing including Liam. Ok I will spin first Niall says he span the bottle and it landed on Harry, HARRY!! TRUTH or dare ????? !! We all cracked up after Nialls attempt to be Spanish Harry yells TRUTH!! Ok Hazza Niall says I truth you did you ever like Haylor??? Harry stops and thinks for a bit yes I did like Haylor it was different. Harry gets the bottle then spins it lands on louis, louis truth or dare ! DARE louis shouts harry chuckles and sy I dare you and Eleanor to leave the game and have some fun upstairs, then they left. I stared at Zayn and whined what's my surprise?! But he replied it will happen very soon. I stopped confused and smiled. Liam, dani , Niall and Harry all got tired and went to bed and I stared at Zayn he said without me saying a word if you want your surprise follow me and that's when i got led to another guest room he told me to close my eyes an thats what I did I heard rustling then I heard him say open I opened my eyes and there he was with flowers a box shaped a s a heart a little box and the rest of the lads. He got on one knee and said Shania will you Mary Me???
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