I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

P.S I am looking for co authors for another book I'm writing If anyone is up for it kik me ASAP ( MIRRI13)


6. Sara and Harry

Your POV: Harry was on tour and was coming back in a few days. Pictures of Harry and other girls were all over the Internet and news papers. You were laying in bed, just starring at your blank laptop screen, tears threatening to leave your eyes. You and Harry just had an argument over Skype. He ended it when he got sick of the yelling coming from both of you. You shut your laptop and just sat there. You got a text from harry. "I don't know if I can do this.... -H" it read. No 'x' at the end of it like he always does just '-H'. Your tears managed to escape. You picked up your phone. Your hands shacking. You replied with "you don't have to pretend you love me any more...-S" you threw your phone and broke down in hysterics. 12 am and you weren't able to sleep. You sat there crying. You and harry were best friends since you were in diapers. You have been in a relationship for 3 years. You put your hand over Harry's plane necklace he gave to you. You let go and wiped your tears. You were reading over your hate, again, and again. You heard the front door open and you got out of bed to see who it was.
Harry's POV: as soon as I ended that Skype, I broke down into tears. I would have stayed on longer to talk to her but I couldn't. I physically couldn't. I couldn't hold back my tears. She hated seeng me cry. It was constant yelling, coming from both of us. I hated it. They were just friends, I swear. If only we stopped yelling at each other I could have told her. I sent her a text that I never thought I would send. Somehow It got to that point where I did. When she replied... I read it over and over again. I really do love Sara, she is my everything, but I never had the nerves to tell her, and that's when the guilt was killing me. I had to do something.
Your POV: it was Gemma and you were so happy to see her. She looked at you. You ran to her and she hugged you. You couldn't stop the tears. "I heard..." She whispered into your hair. That made you cry even harder. You both sat down and had a huge girl session with lots of ice cream. It was past 2 am. Gemma invited you to dinner tomorrow night before you left. Something about a surprise. You woke up late the next morning, and breakfast was the last thing on your mind. You couldn't eat, you didn't feel like eating at all. You watched the boys do an interview live on TV. Harry didn't look him self. Louis kept on trying to comfort him every time your name was mentioned. However, there was one thing that kept him going, only the boys knowing what it was. Time flew by, already being 530 pm. You got up and decided to get ready. You finished getting ready. You drove to their house. It wasn't too far. You arrived and Anne greeted you with a bear hug. She pulled away and saw you were still wearing the necklace. She smiled and kissed your forehead making you giggle. You all sat around the table. Every one trying to force you to eat, but you wouldn't give in. It was just yo three girls... For now. You were all dancing around to music in Gemma's room. Including Anne. Someone knocked at the front door. Anne went to answer it, you following behind. You heard sobs. Anne was crying and someone else was...Harry?. You walked down a few steps and stopped in the middle as soon as you saw him, harry. You both locked eye contact. You were in tears and so was harry. Anne looked at you both. "You going to welcome me...?" Harry said Through his tears with slight humour. You laughed and ran down the stairs embracing harry into a huge hug. He rested his forehead on yours "I love you..." He said. You looked him in the eyes. "I love you Sara..." He repeated. You smiled "I love you too curly.." He chuckled and kissed you. Both of you smiling into the kiss. You both pulled out and harry kissed your forehead. You smiled. "I don't want to lose you..." He mumbled into your hair. His voice cracking. Your head was in the crook of his neck, replying with. "I'm not going any where..."
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