I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
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2. Niall and Kara

Congrates to Kara as she is my first I'm sorry Shania you didn't write a summary of kinda what it's gonna be about but anyway Kara I hope you enjoy your first date with Niall.

Kara POV:
*Knocking at the door*. "I will get it " Kara yells running down the stairs
*'opens the door*.
* WOW Kara you look AmaZayn!!"
I was wearing a beautiful purple floral dress that ends just above my knees, with purple heels and purple purse, I was wearing purple long dangling earrings and mascara a little bit of blush and scarlet lipstick my hair was in curls and I have to admit I look pretty dang cute. Nialls POV:
She was wearing a purple floral dress witch really brand out her eyes she looked stunning I would die for this girl no joke. I was wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie and of caurse black shoes I made my hair extra preaty but trust me it took me so long now I know how Zayn feels everyday. So Kara are you ready to go?
Yeah . Kara replied with her gorgeous grin on her face I could tell she was exited for our first date.
I took her hand and opened the door of my car and we were off. *15 mins later*
The car ride was silent but not awkward but we were finally here I quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Kara as she stepped out I could feel my heart skip a beat but I let my hand out and she took it I locked the car and went in side we sat at the restaurant and talked we both ordered and were basically laughing the whole time. I really like Kara the way she eats they way her face lights up the room the way she smiles I love her so much . * back to reality*.
Our food arrived about 10 mins ago we both ordered pasta and we couldn't stop laughing Kara croaked me up so much that I started to chok but alright now.
Karas POV:
I'm having a blast with Niall he is so funny and has the cutest laugh i really want to see if we will end up together I think we can last I long time but I just need a kiss to prove it.
You finished Kara? Niall asked
I noded smiling as this was a night I will remember. He took me by the hand and led me to the car he drove me too the cinemas as we went in he ordered the movie tickets and me ordering the popcorn we both met up and Niall told me that we are gonna watch Marley and Me , I still haven't seen this movie so hasn't Niall so it's gonna be interesting because apparently it's sad. We got to the theatre and there were a few directioners asking for pictures and stuff like that but I didn't care the movie just started * ten minutes to the end of the movie*
* sniffing*
You alright Kara Niall asked??
I'm fine it's just a sad movie I snuggled in his arms and watched the rest of the movie it was a great movie and Naill didn't cry at all he stayed there comforting me I loved him so much we walked out of the cinemas and got in the car we drove off to my house and I said good night to Niall.
* the convo*
K- night Niall I had the best time ever!
N- anytime babe it was my favourite date ever and Kara?
K- yes??
N- I really like you plz don't ever forget that you are my princess
* Niall and Kara kissing*
K- I love you too Niall you are my prince

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