I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

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8. Kaelin and Niall

Your POV: I was spending time with Niall and his family, and they were most definitely an amazing bunch to be around. Niall and I have been together for 4 years now and he was most definitely my every thing. He made me feel special. When I come home from a bad day of work he would be there for me and listen to every single word I have to say. Maura and I decided to have a girls day out. We left on the morning to do some shopping and Niall wouldn't stop texting me. "Every thing alright, love?" She asked since I kept checking my phone. "Yea, it's Niall..." I said with a smile. She smiled. We bought heaps of clothes and sat down to have something to drink. We both talked about what has been going onion life, and some things we would laugh at. It was good to spend the day with her
Niall's POV: man, did I miss her! I know it's only been 3 hours.... Wait it's been 3 hours! I haven't kissed her, hugged her and we haven't cuddled! However, she is with mum and I'm happy they are having a 'girls' day. I told mum for them both to be home at 7pm on the dot! Something big was going to happen. The boys even insisted they come down tonight. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous though. It was 645 and the boys had arrived a couple of hours ago. gregg was watching footy while they lads and I were in the kitchen. We had a good laugh. I kept checking the time.
Your POV: when we finished shopping we went to get our hair and nails done. Maura made me but a dress for some reason. So I did, and after we had our hair and nails done she got changed into a dress and I got changed as well. We drove back. We arrived and every one was dressed fancy. Niall smiled when he saw me and ran up to give me a kiss I giggled and he smiled. "I missed you..." He said. "I missed you too... Now why is every one dressed so fancy?!" I said. Every one chuckled.
Niall's POV: seeing her made my day. I missed her so much! I know it sounds a but cheesy but I really did miss her. She walked to the lounge room and stopped in her tracks. Every thing was decorated in rose petals "this is beautiful..." She said and I smiled. We all sat down and had Chinese. We had gotten fortune cookies.
Your POV: this was truly amazing, no words can describe how amazing it was. We all talked and laughed. "Ok! Fortune cookie time!!" Louis announced. We all nodded. The boys all went first then, Maura, Greg , and then it was niall and i was last. "Okay!" I said inhaling a deep breath before opening it. My eyes widened after what I saw. There was an engagement ring and a piece of paper reading 'will you marry me?'. My eyes stared to well up. I looked at Niall and he took the ring and got on his knees. "Kalein, I love you with all my heart and my life with put you-" he chucked "I don't know where I would be... Will you do the honors of being my mrs horan?" Every one waited for your answer. I nodded, tears streaming down my face "yes.... Yes!" Every one cheered and Niall put the ring on my finger and kissed me. This was it. I was giving my life to the man I have and will love until I die.
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