I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

P.S I am looking for co authors for another book I'm writing If anyone is up for it kik me ASAP ( MIRRI13)


7. Izz and Harry

Your POV: I woke up on the 31st of December to an empty bed. I rubbed your eyes and slowly opened them. I made my way down stairs to the lounge room. When i saw that no one was there I decided to check the kitchen. That was until I was attacked with a cookie dough ball. I screamed and heard giggling. I looked down to see my 3 year old daughter, Darcey giggling. She threw another one at me and I ran under a table. Harry threw one at me "Harry!" I said and before I knew it Darcey had thrown another one at me. "Darce, don't you love mummy?" I said. She looked up at Harry, and Harry being the amazing husband he is mouths the word, no. "Harry! That's not fair!" Darcey ran out of the room up the stairs to her bed room. Harry and I following behind. We could hear her giggling. Harry tried to tripe a few times but I taught him not to make that mistake again. You managed to get to Darcey's room in one piece. I picked her up and twirled her around. Harry picking you both up and doing the same. We were all dizzy and collapsed on the bed next to each other laughing. Darcey was still giggling. I smiled. I turned and faced Harry. "Morning curly..." You said and he chuckled and kissed me. I couldn't help but smile. I looked back at Darcey and just realized she was in Harry's jack wills hoodie. I laughed. "I'm guessing daddy dressed you this morning..." She nodded and laughed. I kissed her nose.
Harry's POV: I have the two best girls in my life and I couldn't ask for two better ones. I smiled to my self realizing how lucky I am. "Tonight... For New Years, mum has invited us and the boys over... It's snowing in Cheshire so wear warm clothes! " I said. Darcey's face immediately lit up. "You hear that Darce! You get to see snow! Like on tv!" Izz said. My baby girls grin widened. Izz looked at me. "She has dimples... Like her father..." She said poking my dimples. I laughed. It was late after noon and we had to start getting ready.
Your POV: we all stood up to get ready. I had to carry Darcey so she didn't trip on Harry's hoodie. Harry chuckled. I dressed Darcey and got ready my self. I walked back down to Harry playing with Darcey. I smiled. "Hi mummy!" Darcey said looking over at me. I smiled and walked over to them. Harry got off the floor and I picked up Darce. "Ready to go see grandma..." I said and she smiled and nodded. We walked out to the car. I held Darcey close to me so the rain and the heavy wind won't hurt her. We got into the car and I put Darcey in her seat and quickly got into the passenger seat. Harry grabbed my hand and we headed off. Darcey was singing along to the songs that came up on Harry's track list. Give me love came on and I smiled. Harry started singing to you "eyes on the road curly!" He laughed and did as he was told. After a long trip you arrived in Cheshire. Darcey was asleep. "Darce... Sweetheart.... We are here.... Look out your window..." I said. Her eyes shot open and she immediately turned her head to look out her window, she smiled. We got to Anne's house and as soon as i undid darceys seat belt she jumped out of the car and picked a handful of snow up. Anne, Gemma and the boys were at the door watching. Harry and I smiled "it's just like on tv..." Darcey said quietly. Harry and I smiled. Every one ran out and we all started playing in the snow.
Harry's POV: as soon as every one ran out we saw what was going to happen. Izz picked up Darcey and hid behind me. They all laughed and ditched snow balls at us, I saw Louis take his phone out and take a picture of us and tweeted "aww cute! They think they can hide forever!" He tweeted. It wasn't long until Darcey jumped out of izz's arms and started joining in. We were all freezing by now and decided to go in. We all sat by the fire and the boys and I sang a few songs. Time flew by and it was already 1159 pm. We all quickly ran outside and started counting down to New Years.
Your POV: it was amazing. The scenery was gorgeous. Darcey was so happy being there with her uncles and auntie. She even started counting down with us. The boys stood in front of Darcey, Harry and I with their phones out along with gemma and Anne. Harry was holding Darcey. It was perfect. "5...4...3...2...1!" And with that Harry kissed me and every took a photo. I smiled "happy new year..." He said to both of us. "Happy New Year daddy..." He smiled and kissed her forehead. She looked out and saw all the fore works "wow!" She exclaimed pointed to the fireworks. "They are beautiful!!!" She said smiling. Harry replied with the cheesiest line, but you loved him for it "not as beautiful as the two girls right here... Right now..."
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