I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

P.S I am looking for co authors for another book I'm writing If anyone is up for it kik me ASAP ( MIRRI13)


4. Harry and Charlotte

Charlotte POV:
I woke up extremely exited do you wanna know why........ Because its MY BIRTHDAY not just that my first birthday with my boyfriend Harry we have been dating for 10 months now I love him to bits. I got out of bed and had a nice long shower wrapped the towel around me and got dressed in a tank top that was Red and said love is all you need, I was also wearing long skinny jeans and red earrings right now I am doing my hair I'm gonna make it in curls because it looks best on me I wore red flats. * RING RING* C- Hello. H- happy birthday babe. C- thanks Harry. H- I'm on my way to your house are you ready??? C- yep all I have to do is put on some mak- ( gets cut off). H- NOO MAKEUP!!!!!! C- what why not?? H-I like you better without makeup. C- harry I want makeup though its my birthday ( whining). H- only a little bit though. C- fine see you when you get here I love you. H- I lobe you too. * end of phone call* Makeup time I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth then the action started mascara I took my time eye lashes one by one, next was a tiny bit of blush because I didn't really need it but last but defiantly not least lip gloss that tasted like watermelon I LOVED it. I made myself look good and went down stairs where I saw Harry, Mum, and Dad smiling at me I hugged them all and went off ( I don't get my parents present till after) I got in Harry's car and we drove off to Starbucks. * skip car ride* Harry's POV: Charlotte looks amazing but for so,e reason I haven't told her yet. Charlotte you look amazing. Thanks harry you look great yourself. I kissed her and then said your lips taste like watermelon and we both started laughing harry that's my lip gloss! Charlotte explained. Charlotte POV: I was having the best day we went to the park and had a picnic then went to have lunch with the lads * skip dinner* Harry's POV: let's go Charlotte ! We're we going ??? Well Charlotte your 18 now and when your 18 your allowed to drink and the lads an I are gonna take you to drink but before we go , Charlotte happy birthday, OMG Harry I love it , harry gave me pearl earrings and gold necklace I loved it I put it on *'skip everyone else's presents * * skip car ride to the club* Were here we all showed our IDs and went in Liam told me not to drink to much and I promised that I won't drink over 4 shots but I still drank 4 and let's just say I was drunk, the lads let me sleep at there house because they didn't want my parents seeing me drunk so I did. The next morning I had a huge hang over but the boys kept laughing at me I asked why and louis said you are funny when your drunk and everyone cracked up laughing even harder.
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