I'm Amira and I write one direction imagines
If you want one write your name and a boy in the comments section and what you want it about please not to inappropriate

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9. Grace and Harry

Your POV: I sat there. On the corner of my best friend, Harry's bed. Him on the other. It was quiet. My boyfriend had just cheated on me for the 3rd time. I got sick of forgiving him. He didn't deserve it. Finally Harry broke the silence "I could have treated you so much better than that dick!" He said quietly, but I could tell he was mad. I started crying again and he sat next to me pulling me into his chest. "Am I not good enough?! Did I do something-" i started but Harry cut me off "you are more than good enough! You are amazing and you deserve to be treated better... I knew he was going to hurt you... And he did grace... 3 times... I-it hurt me seeing you cry... And the thing that hurt the most..." He stopped and he laughed to him self "forget it..." He said "tell me please.." I said holding his hand. He looked into my eyes and I knew exactly what he was going to say. "Was hearing you say 'I love you' to him-" I cut him off "not to you..." I finished for him. He nodded. "Grace I love you... And have been in love with you since the day we met..." I kissed him. Something in me told me to. I loved him, I really did love him. I felt him smile into the kiss.
Harry's POV: I love her. I really live her. I would do anything for her. Anything. There is not one moment when I'm not think about her. I love her. When she kissed me... It was perfect. "Grace... Will you go out with me? Tonight?" I asked nervously. She could tell I was nervous and she stroked my cheek and nodded. I smiled.
Your POV: I stayed a bit longer before leaving to get ready. I was really excited. I have waited all my life for this and now Harry and I are finally an 'us'. I smiled to my self just of the thought. I made my way to my flat and got ready. Harry knocked at the door and I opened it. I had one shoe on and I was putting my earrings on. He chuckled. I blushed. "Sorry! Won't be long babe... Come in!" I said and he walked in. "Here.." He said taking my earring out of my hand and putting it in for me. I smiled "thanks.." I said and put my other shoe on. "Ready?" He asked and I nodded. "You look stunning..." He said and i smiled "don't look bad your self styles!" He laughed and we left. We arrived at the restaurant and we were taken to our table.
Harry's POV: she looked stunning and I was happy and proud to call her mine. Her voice made my heart skip a beat and her smile blinded my sight. She is perfect. We ate our food and stayed a bit longer.
Your POV: It was amazing. We had our own room in the restaurant and there were Rose petals scattered every where. The lights were dimming and there was a candle lit dinner. No matter what Harry and I were at least holding one hand. When we finished Harry paid and we left. He had blind folded me. I had no idea where we were going.
Harry's POV: she's always said she wanted to go to Hawaii and that's where I was taking her. Just us. She's going to feel that she is worth it. That she is truly amazing. Mum had packed her things and they were in the boot. I helped her out of the car and took her blindfold off. She looked confused. I showed her the tickets and she gasped "Harry... How- it's.." I kissed her. She smiled "I love you..." She said "I love you too gorgeous.." We put our bags through and waited at the gate as the plane started to board.
Your POV: I can not believe this kid! He is amazing. I love him, it's not funny what I would do for this boy. He is my world and has had it since we were 3. We waited in line, hand in hand, to board the plane. We were on the plane after a while and we just looked at each other. The pilot announced take off and Harry squeezed my hand. I smiled and looked at him. "You have my heart Harry..." I said quietly. He kissed me and rested is forehead on mine. Our noses barely touching. I finished my sentence "take care of it...". He kissed my nose making me giggle. He smiled "I wouldn't plan on hurting you.." He whispered just as the plane took off for Hawaii.
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